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G-Force - Superspie on a mission

G-Force Superspie on a missionA select team of secret agents, highly trained and experienced in unusual tactics and nanotechnology, must avert an impending global disaster.

With G-FORCE, producer Jerry Bruckheimer brings his first 3D film to theaters, an adventure comedy about the latest evolution of a secret government program for training animals as spies. Armed with state-of-the-art espionage equipment, these highly trained guinea pigs discover that the fate of the world depends on the success of their mission. The members of the G-FORCE team are the guinea pigs Darwin, the leader, determined to complete the mission at all costs; Blaster, an extravagant weapons expert with a good temper and a great passion for the extreme; and Juarez, a good-looking martial artist. The team is completed by Mooch, a fly reconnaissance and surveillance expert, and the mole Speckles, a computer and IT specialist.

G-Force Superspie on a missionDuring the mission, G-FORCE encounters a host of members of the animal kingdom, including Hurley, a resident of a pet store, and the territorial hamster Bucky. Directed by Academy Award® winner and special effects master Hoyt H. Yeatman Jr., G-FORCE takes viewers on an incredibly reckless journey, confirming, once and for all, that the world needs even more heroic heroes.

Arguably the best-known exponents of the world of espionage since James Bond, the secret agents of the G-Force team, trained by the FBI, are: the three guinea pigs Darwin, Juarez and Blaster, the Speckles mole, the fly Mooch, and Hurley, a plainclothes guinea pig, accidentally involved in the adventure.

With With Disney's new action comedy, G-Force, set to hit theaters, we're giving you the chance to get up close and personal with secret agents in this exclusive guide to members of the fabulous G-Force team.

G-Force Superspie on a missionDARWIN:
"The fate of the world is all on my shoulders".

Undisputed leader of G-Force, Darwin is brave and resourceful, confident, athletic and determined to accomplish his mission, at all costs. Extremely loyal to the other team members, you can count on him in times of crisis. Always makes the right decision.

In 10 words or less:
The girls want it, the boys admire it

"When does the party start?"

Favorite Gadgets:
Night vision, plasma knife, thruster (for jumping off roofs) and mini-PDA

When not on a mission:
He relaxes with video games, even if he only plays to win

Recurring phrases:
"Rodents Attack"
"James Bond has never had problems like this"

G-Force Superspie on a missionBLASTER
"An explosive personality"

Blaster is a weapons expert and demolition specialist, always in action, adventurous, whose explosive personality is the dynamo of the G-Force team. Blessed with a good temper, but also likeable and full of humor, Blaster is a tough guy, determined to carry out his mission, while not scorning a joke or two. Always looking for the classic adrenaline rush, he sometimes takes unnecessary risks. He has never faced a challenge without understanding it and has a habit of obeying orders before they are even given!

"Tick Tick Boom"

Favorite gadgets:
Aqua scooters, grappling hooks and radio controlled cars

If you weren't an FBI agent:
He would be bored to death

What does he do in his spare time:
Extreme sports ... the more extreme, the better

Recurring phrase:
"I'm sure it's cruelty to animals, but I enjoy it a lot"

G-Force Superspie on a missionJUAREZ
"If looks could kill, you'd already be dead"

A martial arts expert with an iron will, Juarez is loyal and determined and can speak English, Spanish and Papuan. She is extremely attractive and likes to play with her feminine side. She is also very determined and authoritative and definitely knows her stuff in terms of espionage.

"We are official FBI agents!"

Favorite gadgets:
As a martial arts expert, Juarez can always rely on her considerable skills, but she also knows how to take care of the diving equipment and paragliding for low-altitude flights, with base take-off, of the team


Secret of its always well-groomed appearance:
Style and fur

When not on a mission:
He trains

Recurring phrase:
"If you try to put a muzzle on me, I'll take your finger off"

G-Force Superspie on a missionHURLEY
"My stomach does not digest adventures"

All stomach and little resolution, Hurley is a normal guinea pig who is uprooted from the peace of his pet shop and catapulted into the middle of the action. Endowed with a huge appetite, lazy but gentle, Hurley loves the simple life, safe in his comfortable cage. Although he suffers from agoraphobia and is always hungry, the unlikely G-Force agent in training becomes an important and appreciated member of the team, determined to stand up for what he feels is right.

"Child's play"

His hero:
G-Force team leader Darwin, whom Hurley thinks is his brother, due to a particular birthmark on the skin they both have.

He hates:
Injustices and skipping dinner

Secret ambition:
After a life spent in a pet store, he hopes to be adopted by a caring family

His favorite gadget:
A motorized exercise ball (for less fatigue)

What he does in his spare time:
Eat like a pig

Recurring phrases:
"I'm not fat, I'm round"
"Pull your belly back? But I already did!"

G-Force Superspie on a missionSpeckles
"I'm a mole and I like worms"

Speckle is a star-nosed mole and the cyber-intelligence specialist of the G-Force team. A geek who is happy only when he is in front of a computer, does not see the dangers and has a blind faith in the team (and is, of course, completely blind). In addition to his computer skills, Speckles helps the G-Force team with his vast experience in underground operations.

His favorite gadget:
State of the art computer with keyboard specially designed for the claws

If it weren't a real mole, it would be:
A mole for the CIA

Recurring phrase:
"So do you eat that worm or do I eat it?"

G-Force Superspie on a missionMOOC extension

Mooch is the surveillance and reconnaissance expert for the G-Force team. He is a loyal member of the team, who always obeys orders and, as a greedy glutton, is only distracted if he comes across something incredibly sweet.

He can't speak, but he compensates with:
A constant buzz and special flight paths

Don't do it:
Skip the fly the nose

Favorite gadgets:
High-tech nano-camera capable of transmitting images in real time to the rest of the team

Recurring phrase:
Do not mention it

G-Force Superspie on a mission
Original title:  G-Force
Country:  USA
Year:  2009
Gender:  Entrainment
Duration:  88 '
Directed by:  Hoyt Yeatman
Official site:
Production: Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Walt Disney Pictures, Whamaphram Productions
Distribution:  Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy
Exit :  24 September 2009 (cinema)

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