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Gaya - Zino and BooGaya is the first German film completely made in 3D computer graphics. Thanks to the Spanish and English collaboration, it can be considered the first European attempt to cope with the American dominance of Dreamworks (see Madagascar e Sherk) and Disney Pixar (see The incredibles e Finding Nemo ). On balance, the way to go to reach these standards is still a long way off, however the film Gaya is appreciable only for having had the courage to undertake this challenge, thanks to a large staff of 75 graphic designers. From the point of view of the contents, as a subliminal message (not so veiled), there is an attempt to criticize the flattening of television communication and its attempt to transform everything into a reality show, even the world of fantasy and the Elves (a sort of "The Truman show" in a fantasy key).

Gaya - Galger, Bramph, Alanta, Zeck, Boo and ZinoGaya is a fictional world populated by Elves much smaller than humans, but very similar to us. It is a people who love art and music, therefore the mayor of Gaya dedicates a lot of space to parties and entertainment. However, the Gaians are in danger of extinction because someone has stolen the Dalamite, the magical stone source of energy, which guarantees the survival of Gaya.
Boo, Zino and his friends Snurk embark on a journey full of pitfalls to find her. Their goal is our world. Gaya - Zino and the crocodileHere, together with Alanta (voiced by Natalia Estrada), the beautiful daughter of the mayor of Gaya, they discover the reality about themselves: they are nothing more than characters from a television series and that their world is the fruit of a scriptwriter's imagination and exists only on tv. But before thinking about this, more urgent problems must be solved, such as recovering the Dalamite and returning to Gaya. The main protagonists are Boo, Zino and Alanta. Boo is a shy and fearful boy, but with a brilliant mind, capable of giving life to prodigious inventions. Zino is his opposite, as he is strong and courageous, but also a bit bold. Alanta is a dynamic and enterprising girl who loves adventure and is very skilled in fighting. The rest of the party is made up of the friendly Zeck, the envious Galger and the greedy Bramph. Worth mentioning is the beautiful soundtrack written by Michael Kamen.

Original title: Back to Gaya
Country: Germany, Spain, England
Year: 2004
Gender: 3D animation
Duration: 97 '
Directed by: Lenard Fritz Krawinkel, Holger Tappe
Official site:
Production: Ambient Entertainment, Recorded Picture Company, Morena Filmes, e Sence - digital department
Distribution: DNC
Exit : September 30, 2005 (cinema)


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