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Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider
Original title:  Ghost Rider
Country:  Use
Year:  2006
Gender:  Action, Fantastic, Comics
Duration:  90 '
Directed by:  Mark Steven Johnson
Actors:  Nicolas Cage, Raquel Alessi, Angry Anderson, Arthur Angel, Wes Bentley, Laurence Breuls, Eva Mendes, Peter Fonda
Official site:
Production: Columbia Pictures Corporation, Marvel Enterprises, Dimension Films, Crystal Sky Pictures
Distribution: Sony Pictures Releasing Italy
Exit :  29 September 2006

Ghost RiderAfter writing and directing the films of the two superheroes Daredevil ed Electronics director Mark Steven Johnson comes out with another film adaptation of a Marvel comic book character, this time not well known: Ghost Rider, played by none other than Nicholas Cage. The film resumes the origins of the superhero, albeit with some variations from the history of the comic. Johnny Blaze is a young stunt motorcyclist, who makes a pact with the devil in order to save his father who is seriously injured and dying, due to a bad fall from the bike. Johnny will be transformed into a half demon with a burning skull, who will fight in the middle of the night aboard his motorcycle, against the cruel Blackheart, son of the same devil and increasingly thirsty for power.

Ghost RiderThe Ghost Rider comics first appeared in 1950 by Dick Ayers, within Magazine Enterprises magazine and here the character featured a white cape. Later in 1972 it was taken by Marvel Comics and adapted in a more modern look by Gary Friedrich and Mike Ploog. The stories have a mystical setting and adventures in the underworld are very frequent. Following his lack of success, the character was introduced into the Marvel superhero group The Champions, made up of the ex X-men Angel and Iceman, Hercules, the Black Widow and Black Star.


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