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For fans of the anime genre, the remake of the cult "Gost in the Shell" will arrive in cinemas on 11 March 2014. It will be called "Ghost in the Shell 2.0" and contains in the name all the meaning of the restyling strongly desired by Mamuro Oshii: to digitize the film bringing it to contemporary standards with a completely remixed audio background. If the appearance and images of the animated film appear absolutely different from those of 1995, the essence of the story remains unchanged, just as the question around which the plot revolves remains unchanged, borrowed from the comic of the same name. Shirow Masamune manga: what does it mean to have a soul?

 "Ghost in the Shell 2.0" is set in 2029 in a world centered on computer systems, populated by cyborg humans living with robots. The film opens with Marshal Motoko Kusanagi, a cyborg from Section 9 of the New Port City police, intent on spying on a diplomat. The initial events, which move the events experienced by the protagonists, are aimed at capturing the Puppeteer, a hacker who manages to insert himself into the brain of cyborgs, erasing their past memory and entering the data necessary to move them like puppets for his purposes. The incessant search for the Lord of the Puppets reaches a turning point following an incident that took place at the operational headquarters of Megatech, supplier of cyborg equipment to numerous ministerial offices, including Section 9. Inside the structure the robots come to life, and as a team they create a cyborg out of nothing, which, despite all expectations, comes to life fleeing the industry and getting hit by a passer-by. Transported to Section 9, it is immediately discovered that the automaton does not even have a biological cell but is a pure Artificial Intelligence. 

The intervention of Section 6, stationed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to claim ownership of the robot, pushes the automaton to come alive and start talking: it is the Puppeteer. The Puppeteer introduces himself claiming that he is not a hacker but a computer software known by the code name of "project 2501". Having become thinking and conscious like a human, he claims the right to the same treatment: he therefore asks for political asylum at Section 9. The automaton fails to complete his request which mysteriously disappears, and Kusanagi together with his colleague Batou, begin to understand the interest and intervention of Section 6: the automaton is a creation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, certainly used for illegal purposes against other nations; its evolution into a conscious and speaking being could create not a few diplomatic problems.

The search for "project 2501", the Puppeteer, by Kusanagi and Batou becomes even more spasmodic at this point, and once he has found the body, Kusanagi decides to immerse himself in his body to connect directly to the spirit of the Puppet Lord. The last very long dialogue explains the real distinction between an automaton and a human: even if a software can generate itself and spread itself like a virus on the network, its products will be nothing more than copies; a human, on the other hand, by reproducing, creates a new being, which while possessing all the genetic characteristics of its creators, is unique.

The puppeteer's request is to merge with Kusanagi: a human soul and a computer spirit, mirror of the same world. For the new being, the password will always remain the same: 2501.

Original title:  K kaku kid tai 2.0
Country: Japan
Year: 2008
Gender: Anime - Cyberpunk Science Fiction
Duration: 100 '
Directed by: Oshii Mamoru
Production:Bandai Visual Company, Manga Video, Production IG, Warner Bros.
Distribution:Nexo Digital, Dynit
Exit :11 March 2014 (cinema)
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