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I want to eat your pancreas (2018)

I want to eat your pancreas

Original title: Kimi no suiz wo tabetai
protagonist, Sakura Yamauchi, Kyoko, Takahiro, Gum-kun, Mother of the protagonist, Father of the protagonist.
Production: Study VOLN
Regia: Shin'ichir Ushijima
Country: Japan
Year: 2018 mm
Gender: Animation, Drama
Episodes: 1 mm
Exit date: 21 January 2019
Recommended age: from 14 to 18 years old
Duration: 115 minutes


I Want to Eat Your Pancreas (Kimi no suiz wo tabetai) is the Japanese animated film based on the web novel by Yoru Sumino and made by Studio VOLN and directed by ShinichirĂ´ Ushijima.

The film is a retrospective of an unnamed character who finds the diary of his former schoolmate Sakura Yamauchi in a hospital and remembers their time together. Yamauchi suffers from an incurable pancreatic disease and is only a few months old. This secret is kept by his family and the protagonist. Hiroko Sebu took care of the soundtrack of the film while the song of the title Fanfare was produced by the rock band Sumika. The members of the band also interpreted with their own voice some characters from the film in the original language.

The distance between them doesn't have a name yet. Two guys, two opposite personalities and a secret to unite them. A secret, a meeting, two destinies ... A high school student finds the diary of a classmate, Sakura Yamauchi. But that diary holds a secret, because Sakura suffers from a very serious pancreatic disease. Her days are numbered, but the girl has decided to face the tragedy with lightness and joy, and her partner, keeper of the secret, decides to spend more and more time with her ... Although the two have opposite personalities, that terrible secret will bring them closer and closer ..


Sakura Yamauchi - I want to eat your pancreas
Sakura Yamauchi

The protagonist - I want to eat your pancreas
The protagonist

I want to eat your pancreas
The protagonist is Sakura Yamauchi

Sakura Yamauchi - I want to eat your pancreas

Video of I want to eat your pancreas (2018)


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