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Little red riding hood and unusual suspectsLittle Red Riding Hood and the Unusual Suspects is the 3D animation created by brothers Cory and Todd Edwards together with Tony Leech, which will be screened in Italian cinemas starting from 1 June.
It is a modern reinterpretation of the famous fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood. The story begins when the Hunter breaks into Granny's house to save Granny and Little Hood from the Big Bad Wolf. But the Grizzly Forest Police intervenes to break the usual ending, whose chief, the agent Bill Cicogna, helped by the three piggy policemen, arrests the protagonists: Little Red Riding Hood, Grandmother, Woodcutter and Wolf. Little red riding hood and unusual suspectsThe frog detective Nicky Flippers in fact suspects that one of them is an accomplice of the mysterious thief of recipes for sweets, who has thrown the cooks of the forest in a state of alarm and despair. He will therefore listen to the version of events of each suspect in an attempt to solve the mystery ... But there will be several twists and an unsuspected ending!
Between the ironic and the grotesque Little Red Riding Hood and the unusual suspects is a very funny animation, which, mixing the ingredients of a traditional fairy tale, presents us with an original flavor and pleasant vision. Little red riding hood and unusual suspectsSome parts of the story are sung and set to music. This aspect makes animation rather fun for children, although the frequent cinematic meta references are far from understandable to very little ones. The numerous gags in fact refer to films like The Matrix, Mission Impossible "," Escape from the city "," Fletch-a front page hit "and above all" xXx ".
A note of merit however goes to the dialogues and in particular to the singing goat: a really well-built and hilarious character.
While under a strictly graphic profile, Little Red Riding Hood and the unusual suspects if he does not excel, not even sorry.
As for the "desecration" of the fairytale and cinematographic heritage, it is not at all in vain to recall the close relationship of Little Red Riding Hood and the unusual suspicions with Shrek.

by Helga Corpino

Cartoon Little Red Riding Hood and the unusual suspects
Original title: Hoodwinked
Country: USA
Year: 2006
Gender: 3D animation
Duration: 88 '
Directed by: Cory Edwards, Todd Edwards
Production:Blue Yonder Films, Kanbar Entertainment
Distribution: 01 Distribution
Exit : June 01, 2006 (cinema)


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