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Lupine III Vs Detective Conan

Only on 10 and 11 February 2015 at the cinema

Lupine III Vs Detective Conan Conan's thrilling pursuit of Lupine. Reason for the hunt: a precious diamond masterfully stolen by Lupine and the latter's intention to organize another major theft. Will Conan be able to stop Lupine, unlike the inept colleague Zenigata?

I Detective Boys, three nice elementary school children, are the main collaborators of Conan, together with Kogoro, a former policeman with little detective skills. The seventeen-year-old Ran, in love with Shinichi and unaware that Conan is just a child again, and Professor Hiroshi Agasa, a weird inventor who knows the truth about the detective's identity, keep company with the skilled child detective. Ai Haibara deserves a special place, the one who invented the potion that rejuvenated Shinichi and who also hired her to build a new future.

Lupine III would certainly not be impregnable if he could not enlist the help of Goemon and Jigen. Determinants in carrying out the most daring thefts, they intervene in his defense and are always an active part in every episode. Even in the crossover, Lupin's two partners show off their skills to protect him from Conan and his Detective Boys that are hunting him and, having Goemon and Jigen on your side means having two invincible lethal weapons at your disposal: a katana and a Smith & Wesson M19. Goemon is very skilled in handling the sharp sword and Jigen is infallible when he pulls the trigger. Very loyal to Lupine and yet so different. Goemon embodies the spirit of the samurai with its austere lifestyle, the high sense of honor and the traditional clothing of the Japanese knights. Jigen instead reflects the image of the classic tough guy, with the perennial cigarette between the lips and the wide-brimmed hat dropped over the eyes. Seeing them at work is truly fascinating and in Lupine III vs Conan you will be able to appreciate their skills once more.

The beautiful and impossible FujiKo exploits and deceives Lupine, yet he is always ready to do what he asks. FujiKo is not alone beautiful, busty and selfish, deep down she too has a heart and, although she rarely gives it to see, she is very attached to Lupine and we, who identify with our hero, are in turn bewitched by his figure. However, it is not a matter of pure submission, FujiKo is sometimes decisive, as in the plot of “Lupine vs Conan” and one cannot but admire it when his intervention proves to be saving.

Original title:  Rupan Sansei vs Meitatii Conan
Country:  Japan
Year:  2009
Gender:  Animation / Adventure
Directed by:  Hajime Kamegaki
Production: Tokyo Movie Shinsha
Distribution: Key Movies
Exit : 10 February 2015
Iimages from the movie Lupine III Vs Detective Conan

Lupine III Vs Detective Conan
Detective Conan
Inspector Zenigata
Ai Haibara, Fujiko, Goemon and Jigen
Lupine III and FujiKo
The Detective Boys


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