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Looting the Monte Carlo casino or stealing the heart of a beautiful woman? There is no impossible theft for Lupine III, thief, gentleman, Casanova and master of disguises. This time Lupine and the faithful Jigen have traced the source of the counterfeit banknotes that are bringing the world economy to its knees: the small town of Cagliostro, ruled by the homonymous count. Within the stone walls of his castle, the count holds the beautiful princess Clarissa imprisoned, who knows the key to an unimaginable treasure. And where Lupine is with his friends, neither Fujiko nor Zenigata are far away. Lupine wants to free the girl, punish the wicked and of course take the treasure. Will all the forces of Interpol, a gang of saber-nailed ninjas, and an international conspiracy be enough to stop him?

Almost thirty years now separate us from the moment when Hayao Miyazaki, young but already with a rich career behind him, set his hand on the most memorable of Lupine's adventures: Cagliostro no Shiro (Cagliostro's castle). Now finally even the Italian public will be able to have an edition worthy of the beauty of the work and its importance. The meeting between Lupine and Miyazaki was not an absolute novelty: the director had already participated in collaboration in the creation of the first television series of 1971 and would then briefly leave his mark on the second season with two sensational direct episodes in 1980. Here for The ease and means of a film for theaters enhance the effects of the confluence of the director's careful and delicate sensitivity with the taste of the energetic, inexhaustible, light-hearted and a little cynical action that has always been the hallmark of the adventures of Lupine III. Who here finds himself in an unusual situation for him too: while he tries to track down an immense treasure and thwart the nefarious plans of a mysterious international forger, he discovers that in reality the thing he really wants is to protect the delicate princess Clarissa and prevent her marriage with the evil uncle-regent of the small kingdom of Cagliostro, hidden in the Alps. Lupin's companions, the infallible gunslinger Jigen and the inflexible samurai Goemon, although surprised, have enough chivalry and generosity to follow him in this adventure , while the beautiful Fujiko Mine continues to aim tenaciously for the treasure. And of course it didn't take long before Inspector Zenigata arrived, always in pursuit of the greatest thief in the world.

Mikado Film Press Office: ROBERTA AVOLIO

Original title: Lupine saint you are
Country: Japan
Year: 1979
Gender: Animation / Adventure
Duration: 100 '
Directed by: Hayao Miyazaki
Production:Produced by TMS ENTERTAINMENT, LTD
Dubbing:Lupine - Roberto Del Giudice
Jigen - Sandro Pellegrini
Goemon - Antonio Palombo
Fujiko - Alessandra Korompay
Zenigata - Rodolfo Bianchi
 Exit :6 July 2007


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