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Marty the mouse and the pearl factory

The Marty mouse and the pearl factoryThe film Marty and the Pearl Factory is a clever mix between a live action comedy and a 3D animation, directed by the Argentine director Juan Pablo Buscarini which is aimed mainly at an audience of children. The character is part of the collective imagination of all the children of the world: the little mouse that passes by to carry coins, in exchange for the first teeth that children change naturally. In this case the protagonist of the story is Lucia, a little girl who has just lost her first tooth. Parents Daniel and Linda to reassure her, tell her the story of Mickey Mouse Marty, the one who will have the task of taking the tooth and donating a coin instead. The Marty mouse and the pearl factoryHowever, this will only be the beginning of an exciting adventure that will take Lucia to a fantastic world, which will involve her in a series of exciting adventures. In Marty's world, friendship and collaboration allow the fairy tale to come to life: one mouse monitors what is happening and reports to another, who in turn tells it to another… until the news reaches Marty. The mouse lives in a boat like hundreds of other mice who receive their teeth, clean them and process them until they are transformed into brilliant and precious pearls. The Marty mouse and the pearl factoryThese are brought to a jeweler, Dante, who gives them the equivalent in gold of the weight of pearls, but what has always been a quiet and usual journey for years, is about to turn into a dangerous adventure: Marty is kidnapped with the aim of stealing her boat and her treasure What could be considered the end of history for anyone else is not for Lucia who, with the help of her cousin Oliver, disobeying her parents and without thinking about the consequences, embarks on the dangerous undertaking to save Marty, thus starting to live one of those adventures that make you understand that you don't have to be a child to believe in dreams. The Marty mouse and the pearl factoryAmong the various friends of Marty we will meet the secretary Janine, secretly in love with him, who thanks to her precision and meticulousness will prove to be a precious help for the liberation of Marty and the salvation of all the mice. General Fasten, the commander of the fleet of mice whose job is to bring the pearls to the jeweler Dante, but in reality he wants to take possession of all of Marty's treasure without worrying about destroying the dreams of many children. We then find El Rata a singer who works in an old jukebox and considers humans as enemies; his only interests are food and music, but he is very generous and will help Marty in the moment of his release. El Rata is often accompanied by Dimitri is a strong and muscular Rat, but with little intelligence.

The Marty mouse and the pearl factory
Original title: El Rat n P rez
Country: Spain, Argentina
Year: 2006
Gender: Animation and comedy
Duration: 94 '
Directed by: Juan Pablo Buscarini
Actors: Ana Mar a Orozco, Fabi n Mazzei, Delfina Varni, Nicol s Torcanowsky, Diego Gentile, Joe R goli, Alejandro Awada, Mariano Chiesa
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Production:Castelao Producciones SA, Filmax Animation, Patagonik Film Group
Exit : 23 March 2007


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