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Pok mon Detective Pikachu

Pok mon Detective Pikachu - the animated and live action film
Pok mon Detective Pikachu the animated and live action film

Pok mon: Detective Pikachu (Pok mon: Detective Pikachu) is a Japanese-American film directed by Rob Letterman, which will be released on May 9, 2019 in theaters. It is an adaptation of the video game Detective Pikachu (2016), a derivative work of the Pok mon Universe created by Satoshi Tajiri. It is also the first live action animated film (partly animated in 3D computer graphics and partly played by real actors), based on the Pokemon video game.

Genius private detective Harry Goodman mysteriously disappears, forcing his 21-year-old son Tim to find out what happened. Helping him in the investigation is Harry's ex-Pok mon companion, Detective Pikachu: an adorable, hilarious and wise super-investigator who surprises everyone, even himself. Having discovered that the two are equipped to communicate with each other in a singular way, as Tim is the only human being able to speak to Pikachu, they join forces in an electrifying adventure to unravel the intricate mystery. They find themselves chasing clues along the neon-lit streets of Ryme City, a modern and messy metropolis where humans and Pokemon live side by side in a hyper-realistic live-action world. Here they will encounter a series of Pok mon, discovering a shocking storyline that could destroy their peaceful coexistence with humans and threaten the Pok mon universe itself.

The technique

With advances in visual technology, studios have become very enthusiastic about transforming classic animation features into hybrids for blockbuster cinema, bringing together the tastes of both adult viewers and new generations. During the 26-month production of Pok mon: Detective Pikachu, MPC vfx special effects supervisor Pete Dionne was treated like a superstar by his seven and nine-year-olds. “I bought each of them a deck of Pok mon cards to study the characters and every weekend all they wanted to talk about was just Pok mon,” laughs Dionne. "It's amazing how much information I gathered from those two."

Director Rob Letterman (Monsters versus Aliens) elaborates the recently released live-action co-production by The Pok mon Company, Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros., with actor Ryan Reynolds playing the furry little detective determined to help Tim Goodman find his missing father. Obviously, Detective Pikachu ends up uncovering a nefarious corporate conspiracy along the way.

Look at Dionne."Some of the choices Rob made, like shooting the film and going out in the most unexpected places in London, were great because we wanted to embrace the design of these vibrant cartoon characters and at the same time re-imagine them as living, breathing creatures. In addition to designing and developing the assets, we had a great team of animators who work exclusively on test shots and character and animation development. "

Dionne explains that the director wanted to have a visual representation of the characters and their personalities before the team of actors went in front of the camera, so that they could communicate those images to everyone else on set. "But then, we had to go through a rigorous approval process with The Pok mon Company", he adds."They were very valuable to their intellectual property, and this was extremely limiting to us because some aspects of 2D anime design didn't translate into 3D and reality. Fortunately, we had time to face the challenge and come out on the other side with characters that exist in this world, but staying true to the Pok mon designs. ".

One of the director's recommendations was to avoid an animation that felt too gestural and with a keyframe even for implausible Pok mon characters. "At first we tried to create characters that could offer us a wide range of performance and movement, but what happened is they quickly became cartoons."explains Dionne."Pikachu has become a little human in a costume. We began to imagine Pikachu as an upright quadruped and watched as the skeleton and muscular system would limit its mobility and how it interacts in the world and in its gestures. As soon as we started hugging him, the Pikachu character began to form. "

The vfx supe says that Mr. Mime's character was difficult to create and execute, because he was both humanoid and cartoonish. "This is a character where we partly pivoted on its nuance, removed its fleshiness, rebuilt and re-shaded as if it were completely synthetic in surfacing; the flesh became more like foam balls and its large shoulder pads resembled rubber balls. "

Original title: Detective Pikachu
Country: Japan, USA
Year: 2019
Gender: Entrainment
Directed by: Rob Letterman

Production: The Pokemon Company, Warner Bros.
Distribution: Warner Bros Italy
Exit date: 09 May 2019 (cinema)

Pok mon Detective Pikachu images

Pok mon Detective Pikachu - the animated and live action film

Pok mon Detective Pikachu - the animated and live action film

Pok mon Detective Pikachu - the animated and live action film

Pok mon Detective Pikachu - the animated and live action film

Video trailer of the Pok mon Detective Pikachu live action movie

POK MON Detective Pikachu is the Official Italian Trailer

POK MON Detective Pikachu - Destiny

Pok mon Detective Pikachu copyright Rob Letterman, The Pokemon Company, Warner Bros. and right holders

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