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Nightlife under the sea

The Reef: Friends x fins

The Reef: Friends for the finsGet ready for a wonderful adventure to live under the sea. Tay, a small ocean fish, becomes an orphan after his parents are trapped in a fishing net. Tay then decides to leave for Boston's coral reef, where his aunt Wanna and cousin are located. Among the many new friends, Tay will meet the little fish Rebecca, so beautiful that she was published on the front pages of National Geographic. The Reef: Friends for the finsTay falls in love with it at first sight, it is a pity that the little fish is coveted by the terrible Troy shark, the baddest shark in the whole ocean, which dominates the coral reef fish community. Despite its small size, Tay does not lack courage and determination and therefore decides to join the group of new friends to defeat Troy and his henchmen. Tay will learn to exploit the flow of currents and the thousand secrets of the sea and thanks to his cunning, he will be able to ridicule the powerful shark Troy, thus saving the reef and winning Rebecca's heart.
The Reef: Friends for the finsThe film is clearly inspired by the masterpiece "Finding Nemo", but it is very distant from a qualitative point of view, especially as regards its graphic representation. It is aimed mainly at children, especially fans of the little Nemo, as the similarity is so evident, that as a story, in some ways it could almost seem like a sequel to the Disney - Pixar masterpiece. After all, the characters are the same: the pelican, the sea turtle, the shark, the puffer fish, the starfish etc ... The names just change.


The Reef: Friends for the fins
Original title: Shark Bait
Country: USA
Year: 2006
Gender: 3d animation
Duration: 77 '
Directed by: Howard E. Baker, John Fox
Production:Digi Art, Digiart Productions, FX Digital, Wonderworld Studios
Exit : 06 July 2007

The Reef: Amici x le finne is copyright Digi Art, Digiart Productions, FX Digital, Wonderworld Studios and of those entitled and are used here exclusively for cognitive and informative purposes.

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