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The treasure planet

Treasure Planet is perhaps the most beautiful Disney masterpiece of recent times as it manages to make an excellent integration between traditional animation and 3D computer graphics. The images are amazing and in particular the backgrounds, which depict colorful and fascinating galaxies. The animations (and it could not be otherwise) are excellent in the fluidity of movements, especially when the protagonist flies in the cosmic sky aboard his solar surf and, as in most Disney cartoons, even here the expressions and the precise characterization of individual characters. The cartoon "Treasure Planet" is clearly inspired by one of the classic adventure novels: Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. Directors John Musker and Ron Clements wanted to give it a spatial setting in order to recreate the charm of the unknown that had inspired the writing of Steavenson's book.
The story begins with young Jim Hawkins, a XNUMX-year-old drifter and loner from the planet Montressor, who, together with his mother, runs an inn frequented by pirates and space sailors of the worst and most diverse species. Jim is a dreamer who tries to escape from his sad everyday life with reckless rides aboard his solar surf and reading adventure books about famous legendary pirates.
One day Jim meets an elderly alien named Billy Bones, who before dying gives him a golden sphere, telling him to be careful of the evil cyborg who would like to take over that precious object. That sphere is actually a spatial map capable of indicating through holographic projections, the path to reach the planet that hides the greatest treasure in the galaxy: that of the legendary Captain Flint. Amelia Arrow and Doctor DopplerIn the company of Doctor Doppler, a shy and brilliant extraterrestrial astronomer with canine features (in some ways he reminds us of Pippo), Jim ventures as a hub aboard the space galleon Destiny, in order to go in search of the famous treasure planet. In this ship he meets an elusive and extravagant crew of cyborgs and aliens, such as Long John Silver, the ship's cook, half man and half robot, or Captain Amelia, a fascinating alien similar to a cat and the very strict Arrow first officer. But the key character of this ship is the cyborg cook, who is actually the evil space pirate in search of Captain Flint's treasure planet. Jim will find himself embroiled in a mutiny led by Long John Silver and his pirate friends, but ultimately also turns out to be a point of reference for Jim, lacking since childhood a leading father figure.

  Original title: Treasure Planet
Country: Use
Year: 2002
Gender: Entrainment
Duration: 95 '
Directed by: John Musker, Ron Clements
Official site:
Production: DisneyToon Studios
Distribution: Buena Vista International Italy.
Exit : December 15, 2002 (cinema)


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