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Wallace & Gromit - The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Arriving on cinemas from March 3, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Werebunny, an animated puppet film destined to receive various awards and recognitions. The Wallace & Gromit characters created in 1989 by Nick Park had their film debut thanks to Aardman Animation with three short films of 20 - 30 minutes each entitled: A Fantastic Outing, The Wrong Pants and A Perfect Shear, all fun and surreal . Wallace is a kind and always good-humored English inventor, who lives in a small house on West Wallaby Street and is greedy for food that he loves to enjoy even with tea. His inseparable friend is the dog Gromit, who lives with him upstairs, behaves like a human being, but even if he doesn't speak he always manages to express his brilliant ideas. The films were made with the "stop motion" technique, where each shot of a frame corresponds to a small movement of the characters, made with a mix of plasticine and clay, reinforced by a metal core. So too are the objects of daily use of the scenography, built and stylized in the smallest details, in order to contribute together with the lights, to the surreal atmosphere of the film.

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Werebunny is Nick Park's second feature film following the extraordinary success of "Hens in Escape"produced by Dreamworks and Aardman Animations and is a sort of parody of the famous horror film" A werewolf in London ". Here we find Wallace and Gromit, grappling with their latest invention called" SWAT Antipesto ", a machine that defends the plants from rabbits, as it sucks them in without killing them, which is a huge success among its neighbors, besieged by voracious rodents. Everyone can therefore take part in the Giant Vegetable Fair, organized by Lady Tottingtonma and exhibit their super cultivation. It happens, however, that a terrible mysterious beast breaks in and begins to devour all the precious vegetables, sowing terror among the participants, who must use the Wallace & Gromit machine to eradicate this terrible plague. But Victor Quartermaine, Lady Tottington's suitor, is putting the spanner in the works, who would like to kill the Werebunny to boast in front of his beloved. There are therefore its opposite strategies; on the one hand the car of Wallace and Gromit, who would like to suck the Rabbit without killing him and on the other the hunter in search of glory. Will Wallace and Gromit succeed in their venture?
The film despite having a fairly simple plot, manages to capture the viewer thanks to the hilarious and well-constructed scenes, worthy of the best animation cinema (and not).


Wallace & Gromit is copyright Claire Jennings, Peter Lord, Nick Park, Carla Shelley, David Sproxton
and those entitled and are used here exclusively for cognitive and informative purposes.

ORIGINAL TITLE: Wallace & Gromit: the curse of the were-rabbit
REGIA: Steve Box, Nick Park
PRODUCER: Claire Jennings, Peter Lord, Nick Park, Carla Shelley, David Sproxton
GENRES: Animated puppets
EXIT: March 03 2006 (cinema)
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