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Winnie The Pooh - New adventures in the 100 acre wood

Tigger, Christopher Robin and Winnie the PoohFrom 20 April 2011 to the cinema. Walt Disney Animation Studios returns to the Hundred Acre Wood with Winnie The Pooh, the first big cinematic adventure of the Disney family teddy bear, for more than thirty-five years now. With a timeless charm, with original, witty and funny characters, this brand new film reunites little Winnie with friends Tigger, Cap, Piglet, Uffa, Kangu, Ro and last but not least Ih Oh, who has lost his tail. The story unfolds over the course of a day. As usually happens in the Wood of Centro Acri. Pooh wakes up very hungry and realizes he has no honey at all. This leads him to embark on his own adventure, which eventually takes a different path, starting with a race to find a new queue for Eeyore. Later the bear finds a message from Christopher Robin in which he is told: `` Out. Busy, soon back (Back Soon) - but is misinterpreted by the owl Uffa who believes that the boy has been kidnapped by a creature called Backson. Soon the entire team of friends find themselves engaged in the mission of having to save Christopher Robin from an imaginary culprit. So the day turns into a very busy day for a little bear who was simply looking for honey.


Winnie the PoohWINNIE THE POOH - Winnie the Pooh is as he defines himself a clumsy bear, but whose spirit and philosophy of life is loved and admired all over the world. There is an underlying wisdom in Winnie the Pooh that comes out in a very subtle way, says Peter Del Vecho. It is about the joy of being with friends, of being with family, of enjoying life. A message that strikes us in a simple way .

A cross between the happiest gentleman and the sweetest child, adds Jim Cummings, who voices the bear. I think Pooh sees the world through honey colored lenses .
Pooh is a loyal friend to his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood. He is always ready to lend his help and is even more happy to share a jar of honey with anyone interested. In fact, Winnie the Pooh, has an insatiable desire for honey and whatever is useful to calm this insatiable murmur in her belly.
And it is precisely that murmur that starts the adventure of Winnie the Pooh when an empty jar of honey is faced. `` Oh, too bad, '' says Pooh that he must venture out in search of his favorite food.
The character is inspired by the bear of AA Milne's son, Christopher Robin, who gave the puppet this name after seeing a bear at the London Zoo. That Winnie, donated by Harry Colebourne director of the Canadian zoo, had been named in honor of his home country Winnipeg.
AA Milne first wrote about Winnie the Pooh in an article in the London s Evening News way back in 1925. The characters of the Hundred Acre Wood were introduced the following year.
Behind the historic image of Winnie the Pooh, there is the artist and his personal interpretation of his son's teddy bear.
Among the main characteristics of Winnie the Pooh are the love of honey, its calm lifestyle.
The joke: Something is funny, but I have to think too much .

Piglet - Winnie the PoohPIMPLE - Pimpi is a calm and not very fickle type, whose generosity and humility far exceeds his slender size. His annoying movements, his anxiously rubbing his hands and his adorable little twitch O caaarooo , show his nervousness and fears in the face of unknown things. The coolest thing about Piglet is that although he is scared of everything, he still faces the world alongside his friends, according to Travis Oates, who lends his voice to the character. Inside the little Piglet there is a big heart, which leads him to take on great responsibilities in his most recent adventures. Is there a hole to dig? Piglet is ready to lend a hand. A rock to move? Piglet is the right person. He certainly does not shy away from challenges, even when it means braving the darkness of the forest and facing a frightening creature called Backson who has almost certainly kidnapped Christopher Robin. (At least that's what Uffa says).
`` Pimpi is Pooh's shoulder, his right arm, '' explains animation supervisor Bruce Smith. But in this case he is left alone to fight Backson. Piglet has never had a job like this before. It has to get busy. Seeing him in combat mode is fun. The original Piglet was among the toys of Milne's Christopher Robin and is now kept in the New York Public Library alongside the original teddy bear, along with Tigger, Ih Oh and Kangu.
Piglet is esteemed for his loyalty to Winnie the Pooh.
The joke: Oh caaaro, I didn't have to be afraid. There are very important things to do .

Tigger - Winnie the PoohTIGRO - Tigger is exuberant, the particular animal with its famous elastic tail. With each stimulus he starts in the fourth and often his noisy ways lead him to jump even before seeing. Tigger's continuous bouncing is the pure expression of his joy for life, a joy that he always wants to share with his friends even if someone, such as Tappo, doesn't want to share. Others like Hee Oh, find it easier to get around when Tigger insists. Tigger always tries to do everything his way , explains Andreas Deja, the animation supervisor of the character of Tigger. He tries to convince Ih Oh that to find Backson, the creature who is supposed to have kidnapped Christopher Robin, you need the energy of Tigger. Try to turn Ih Oh, this sad, traumatized donkey into a leaping Tigger.
Tigger's unique personality also extends to his way of speaking, which often turns out to be his trademark, with his often enigmatic phrases. Turning to Ih Oh You just need to be Brindle!
Tigger was introduced by AA Milne in 1928 in The House at Pooh Corner .
Says Tigger: The most beautiful thing about Tigger is that I am unique .
Tigger is known for his funny wit, his bouncing back and forth (that's what Tigger does best).
The joke: The Hundred Acre Wood needs a hero and I am the only one .

Ih Oh the donkey - Winnie the PoohIH OH - Hee Oh is everyone's favorite fun donkey. But hee Oh sees himself as a sad character and has no expectation. He was literally amazed and perhaps somewhat angry, when he learned that he is center stage in Winnie the Pooh. According to animation supervisor Randy Haycock, Ih Oh actually plays a very important role in the film, perhaps more than it has in other films, because the story revolves around the fact that he lost his tail and everyone tries to help him find a new one . Ih Oh's gaze on life is not all pink and flowers, but in some cases it shows some happiness. His friends' cute gestures and nibble on thistle elevate his mood which is often somber. But despite his way of being, Ih Oh has won the hearts of many people. Haycock explains: I think the thing that makes Ih Oh funny is that he doesn't know he's funny .
Lending the voice to Ih Oh is Bud Luckey, an animation veteran who has worked on films such as Toy Story, Monster & Co. is Finding Nemo. He also directed the Pixar short Boundin, for which he earned an Oscar nomination. Luckey perfectly embodies the character of Ih Oh, his sincere spirit and his being very easy going. He is a very relaxed type and his friends take care of him.
Hee Oh he doesn't like many things, but eating thistles gives him a lot of pleasure.
Described by AA Milne as an old gray donkey, Eeyore with his sad approach to life, has proven to be a favorite character.
The joke: `` It could be worse, '' says Ih Oh. I'm not sure how but it could be.

Ufo the owl - Winnie the PoohUGH - Everyone knows that owls are the wisest of creatures, and Ugh, he knows everything, at least he thinks he knows it, even if his information (and his spelling) often turns out to be not always right.
There is a message found on Christopher Robin's door, explains director Don Hall. Pooh he can't reach him and so it's up to Uffa, who interprets the words I'm out, busy, back soon as if Christopher Robin had been kidnapped by a creature called Backson. this Backson, who exists only in Uffa's imagination and no one else. Says Craig Ferguson, who lends his voice to the owl character: Ugh one of those characters, God bless them, who don't know how to say I don't know. That's why he improvises without showing his friends how much he is in difficulty, just like I do.
Ugh, he's a fictional character. While Winie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Ih Oh are inspired by AA Milne's baby toys, Ugh was created by pure imagination.
Ugh, he is famous for his self-declared wisdom. Despite claims to know many things, spelling the words is certainly not one of them. Ugh often skip the points.
The joke: The artistic talent runs among my family , says Uffa. In fact, he is practically on the run.

Cap - Winnie the PoohA KILL - Tappo is perhaps the most intelligent character of the Hundred Acre Wood (at least he thinks that) and often proclaims himself as the leader of the group. Says Tom Kenny, who lends his voice to the rabbit character: If I had to define Cap with adjectives then I would say that he is demanding and organized, he loves the garden in his own way, he loves the house in his own way, he is never waiting for guests . Whoever shows up at his door is just someone who disturbs his routine and for him routine is everything. Cap in some cases is stubborn and gruff, but his friends know he has a big heart and always hopes to get in on the action. In reality, Cap has the idea of ​​a possible plan to be able to capture Backson and be able to free Christopher Robin, specifies the director Stephen Anderson. `` He comes up with a weird plan to leave things lying around that could attract Backson so he can trap him, '' adds animation supervisor Eric Goldberg. Cap is even tighter than the character from the original films. We decided to do it this way in order to push the fun of the characters further.
Cap is another character who was not born from the inspiration of one of Christopher Robin's games, but introduced by Milne to complete the group of friends.
Tappo is known for his impulsive behavior, Rabbit is known for his rather compulsive behavior, but he knows how to win over fans who like him need order.
The joke: `` The last thing I need is a visit from that bear, '' says Tappo

Kangu - Kangu, mother of Ro, is an affectionate and protective kangaroo. He certainly has his hands (and pouch) occupied by little Ro, and treats him with love and patience. When Uffa suggests a contest to find a new queue for Ih Oh, the friends of the Hundred Acre Wood discuss what the winner would receive. Ro suggests something big, like a firecracker. But mother Kangu says: I have no little one, because instead something more cute like a tender hug .
If Kangu were a person, she would have been a stay-at-home mom, busy trying to achieve perfection.
Kristen Anderson-Lopez voices Kangu and performs the original song (alongside composer and husband Robert Lopez).
The joke: What do you think of something as cute as a tender hug .

RO - Ro is a small and young adventurer eager to get around and always experience new things. No matter what situation he is in, or the prohibitions that his mother imposes on him, Ro always throws himself at the center of the action.
Sometimes Mom Kangu's overprotective affection tests Ro's patience, but in the end there is no better place to be pampered than in Mom's baby carrier.
- While all the puppets that inspired Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Ih Oh and Kangu are kept in the New York Public Library, Ro's was lost in the distant 1930s in an apple orchard.
- Wyatt Hall, Don Hall's 7-year-old son, was originally cast to voice the character of Ro. Hall says his son wasn't interested at first, but after a little bribe in terms of toys, he accepted and got the part of little Ro. We may have created a monster. We tried to explain to him how to say a joke and he replied that maybe Ro wouldn't say it that way.
- Ro is a young man who has won many fans.
- The joke: Something big, like a firecracker!

Christopher Robin - Winnie the PoohCHRISTOPHER ROBIN - Christopher Robin is the only human character in the Hundred Acre Wood and although he is a young boy, all the characters seek him out to ask him for advice and to get his friendship. No one, however, is as close to him as Winni the Pooh and the two have faced many adventures together Christopher Robin is aware of Pooh's habit of always getting into `` sticky '' situations, he often hears his friend called `` old foolish bear ''. But no matter what the group says, Christopher Robin is always ready to play with them, even if it means rushing to their aid. Of course, they too are always ready to help him. In fact, Christopher Robin couldn't imagine better friends.
Christopher Robin takes its name from the Christopher Robin son of the author AA Milne. His friend the bear, named Winnie after a visit to the London Zoo, inspired the stories.
The real Christopher Robin was born in 1920.
Christopher Robin's love and devotion to his friends has inspired readers and audiences since 1926.
From the movie: `` Old foolish bear ''

Backson - Backson is a horrible, evil and ferocious creature who has kidnapped Christopher Robin, at least that's what Uffa reports to his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood. According to Uffa, Backson is a giant creature with a tail, horns and red hair. It doesn't smell good, unless monkey feet smell, and it goes beyond life's biggest frustrations, like stopped watches, punctured socks, broken crayons, and spilled tea. But there really is something that is Backson .or is the result of a misunderstanding by Uffa of the phrase Gone out. Busy. Back soon?
Eric Goldberg was the animation supervisor on Backson's song. To make his friends understand what Backson is and what he is capable of, Ugh starts drawing on the blackboard , explains Goldber. Once we have begun, we are in the world of the blackboard, animated in such a way that the public thinks it is really Ugh to draw it. Once the owl manages to convince his friends, we move away from the board and follow them as they venture out in search of the creature that Christopher Robin is carrying.
The Backson Song is interpreted by the voice of Uffa, Craig Ferguson, alongside the voices of the group of friends.
Animating music requires a good ear, which, by Goldberg's own admission, he does not have. But he was able to find a way to make everything credible, just like he did for The Princess and the Frog.

Winnie The Pooh - New adventures in the 100-acre forest
Original title: 
Winnie the Pooh
65 '
Directed by: 
Stephen J. Anderson, Don Hall
Official site: 
Walt Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy
Exit date: 
April 20, 2011


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