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Winx 3D - Magical adventure

Winx 3D - Magic adventureIginio Straffi and studio Rainbow give another emotion for all the passionate fans with another film of the magical Winx Club fairies starting from Friday 29 October 2010 in cinemas. This time Bloom and her companions can be admired in all their beauty, thanks to the surprising three-dimensional vision (for the first time in an Italian animated film), which will allow the viewer to be more involved in the fantastic adventures. The story begins in the kingdom of Alfea, the school of the fairies where the inauguration of the new school year is celebrated. The party is abruptly interrupted by the evil Trix fairies composed of Icy, Darcy and Stormy, who manage to steal a precious object from the Winx. The 5 fairies could not count on Bloom's help as the girl is on the kingdom of Domino, where she is spending the best days of her new life as a princess. Bloom fulfilled her dream of meeting her parents and was asked in marriage by her beloved Sky. But all is not for the best, as the three Ancestor Witches have in fact returned to haunt Stella, Aisha, Tecna, Musa, Flora and Bloom. Furthermore, Erendor, Sky's father, forbids his son from marrying Domino's princess. A dark secret hangs over the kingdom of Eraklyon and it is time for Sky, the legitimate ruler of the kingdom, to learn about it. Meanwhile, with the help of the Trix, the Ancestors have managed to track down the Tree of Life that balances positive and negative magic. Winx 3D - Magic adventureWith a very powerful spell they manage to break this balance and suck the energy of good from all Magix. Bloom and her friends find themselves without powers and forced to face the Witches again, symbol of all evil. Will our heroines be able to find a way to restore balance in the magical dimension? And what is the secret that keeps Sky and Bloom away? Will their love survive this new test? Between hilarious gags and moments of true magic, the Winx are back to fly.

The protagonists of the film:

BLOOM The Fairy of Fire. Born under the sign of the Dragon, Bloom hails from Gardenia, where she lived with her parents, Vanessa and Mike. But his life changes radically when he meets Stella, an Alfea fairy threatened by a dangerous troll, to defend which she discovers she has magical powers and is a potential fairy. From that day Bloom will leave Gardenia to attend the Fairy College in Magix and will become the leader of the Winx Club. Generous, sincere, courageous, noble-minded, impulsive and charismatic (just like a leader), the Fire Fairy inseparable from her friends and with them she lives a magical adventure every day.

STELLA The Fairy of the Sun and the Moon. Only daughter of the king and queen of Solaria, she was born under the sign of the Siren. She literally loves to dress in fashion and pays close attention to her look. His wardrobe is in fact the most capacious and full of all the Magic Dimension and his favorite pastime is shopping in the boutiques of Magix or Adquistes. She doesn't mind hanging out with kids, while studying isn't one of her passions. Stella has a nice temper: she is spontaneous, cheerful, a little self-centered but also funny and generous.

MUSA The Fairy of Music. It comes from Melody, kingdom of Music and was born under the fairy sign of the Elf. His mother was a great singer and his father an excellent pianist and manufacturer of musical instruments. Growing up in the midst of notes, she could only inherit a great passion for music! He loves all kinds of instruments but above all the transverse flute that he loves to play in the silence of his room in Alfea. And she loves dancing, any kind of rhythm: disco music, hip hop, rap, Latin American, techno have no secrets for her. Tenacious, energetic, ironic, disordered, impetuous, perhaps a little suspicious. Except with her friends with whom she always lives new and fantastic adventures.

FLORA The Flower Fairy. On the planet of Linphea, where he comes from, he learned to appreciate the magic of nature. He couldn't live without smelling the scent of flowers and plants and his room looks like a small garden. His fairy sign is Dryad. Flora is a diligent pupil - certainly not ambitious - but she tries to give the best of herself in everything she does. Wise and thoughtful, she does not hesitate to rush to the aid of anyone in difficulty, with gentleness and patience. Her insecurity often slows her down, but luckily her friends always know how to advise and encourage her.

TECNA The Fairy of Technology. Under the sign of the Triton, Tecna comes from the planet of Zenith - where magic springs only from technology. He loves sport and movement, but has a real passion for science and in his spare time he enjoys inventing and creating new gadgets or turns on the computer to venture into new exciting challenges with video games. An orderly and rational type who always uses logic to deal with situations. And it's no wonder that its look is essential and hi-tech. She may seem cold or aloof, but in reality she always shows great affection and generosity with her friends.

AISHA The Fairy of Fluids. The latest addition to the Winx group, is the princess of the planet Andros, from which she comes. Magic sign: Chimera. The Winx saved her from Darkar's clutches and she has been part of their fantastic group ever since. With his powers he manages to manipulate the Morfix, a special fuchsia fluid that can take on any shape, but soon - perfecting himself in the school of Alfea - he will be able to control all fluids. Passionate about sports, she constantly trains to be always snappy and in shape. Aisha is proud and gritty, always ready to face danger, but she is terrified of the dark and too small and desolate spaces ... Her greatest aspiration is to become a true Fairy and a great Winx.

POWER BELIEVIX The Winx in the film have reached a very strong level of power, called Believix. The name is not accidental because, as the word itself says (from the English to believe ', to believe), it takes place when more and more people begin to believe in fairies and magic. A very important power, therefore, because it brings with it a positive philosophy: to restore trust in others in the future and in the possibility that something special can happen.

ORITEL is Bloom's natural dad. In the first film, the king of Domino was freed by his daughter Bloom and the Winx after being trapped for years in the sad dimension of Obsidian. After the defeat of the Ancestral Witches, Domino has returned to being the splendid planet of all time and King Oritel and Queen Marion can finally share their kingdom with their found daughter. Thus opens the second film. For both, however, the time spent away from Bloom is heavy and trying to build a peaceful relationship with the girl will be Oritel's task. However, the affection that binds Bloom to his father will overcome the moments of misunderstanding and both will learn to build a solid father-daughter relationship.

Erendor Sky's father is a man tormented by guilt. In fact, he abandoned Oritel after promising him that he would protect the kingdom of Domino. The betrayal allowed the Ancestor Witches to destroy his best friend's planet, and Erendor has lived in remorse ever since. When Sky then tells him of her decision to marry Bloom, Erendor forbids his son to continue seeing his girlfriend and tells him the sad secret he has been hiding all these years. However, Sky's father will have the opportunity to redeem himself. By sacrificing himself to protect Bloom he will regain Oritel's friendship and the respect and affection of all.

The film is aimed at both children and families, as the story draws on multiple sources of the classic imaginary. You can find references to the story of Romeo and Juliet, due to the family conflicts that prevent the marriage between Bloom and Sky and to Greek mythology, where we find fairies and witches, who lose their powers as divine punishment. There is no lack of references to the Bible, as with the Tree of Life, which recalls the project followed by God to create the world, as described in the Kabbalah.

The message of the film is that, as often happens in life, from the realization of a dream, situations can often precipitate, in unexpected dramas. The film is therefore an invitation to face reality with courage, rather than flee from it to take refuge in dreams. In addition to the strength of the group, the Winx can overcome difficulties, making use of knowledge and trust in their abilities, aware that willpower, optimism and team play will allow them to overcome the obstacles of life.

Original title: 
Winx 3D - Magical adventure
3d animation
87 '
Directed by: 
Iginio Straffi
Official site: 
Rainbow CGI Animation Studio
Exit date: 
October 29, 2010
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