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Winx - The secret of the lost kingdom

Winx the movieSixteen years ago the most powerful warrior mages of the Magical Dimension sacrificed themselves to fight absolute evil. Now the fate of a kingdom is in the hands of a girl: Bloom, the fairy of the Dragon flame. Accompanied as always by her friends from the Winx Club, Bloom will have to face the greatest of challenges: delving into the abysses of the dark dimension and fighting absolute evil to bring her parents back to life and finally unveiling the mystery linked to her origins. Will Bloom, Flora, Stella, Aisha Musa and Tecna be able to defeat the most terrifying creatures of the nightmare and find the last king of Domino? And will Bloom be able to save the lost kingdom and finally become Domino's Princess? The fate of the entire Magical Dimension will depend on the outcome of this clash.

Produced by Iginio Straffi's Rainbow and co-produced by Rai, the film was distributed by 01 Distribution.
The first Winx feature film, entitled, WINX THE FILM - THE SECRET OF THE LOST KINGDOM, was released in Italian cinemas on November 30, 2007, preceded by a massive advertising campaign, by an already feverish wait from the fans and by a very high expectation of the film market.

Winx the movie
The Cannes Film Festival was the first consecration in the Cinema Temple: requests for acquisitions came in rain. At the recent market on the Croisette, in fact, the film has already been sold in France, Benelux, Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey, Portugal and Brazil while sales in other territories are also being finalized, although in Europe we will have to wait for the 2008 to see the Winx at the cinema.
WINX THE FILM - THE SECRET OF THE LOST KINGDOM directed by Iginio Straffi, creator and guru of the Winx world, is currently in production at the studios of Rainbow CGI, the new factory for the production of 3D animated films and flagship of Rainbow Spa - a company, recently created, but ready to compete with the big multinationals in the animation sector.
Sunny and romantic, fragile and determined, united by an stainless friendship and endowed with extraordinary magical powers that put at the service of good, the Winx are the 6 mythical "teen-fairies" who have conquered the world market in three years to establish themselves as a real international phenomenon by extension, and transversal by penetration into different age groups.
Winx the movieThe figures speak for themselves: since 2004 the Winx have invaded 130 countries and conquered several records. Winx is the n. 1 in Italy and Europe by level of notoriety, n. 1 in Italy, France and Benelux in the toy sector: today Winx dolls have reached a market share of almost 40% of market share, surpassing both Bratz and Barbie with an increase of 67% compared to 2006; the collection of Panini stickers referring to the third series of the Winx is at 50 million stickers sold in 2 and a half months in Italy; the DVD sector has exceeded the volume of 10 million pieces sold in 41 countries, of which over one million in Italy alone, while merchandising, with over 600 licensees worldwide, has a turnover that exceeds the figure of 1,5 billion euros. And also: 275.000 websites talk about Winx, while the official website exceeds 2 million unique contacts per month and has a newsgroup of 1.5 million subscribers. With a traveling Live show that last year touched over 40 theaters totaling more than 300.000 tickets sold and which is about to land in the Netherlands and France. A success that can be explained by the fact that the Winx perfectly represent the identities, but also the dreams and aspirations of today's tweens: they are fashion, attentive to news and hi-tech, with a passion for music and an unconditional trust in friendship, solidarity and team spirit. But they go to school, fall in love and dream of a princess life. Not pure entertainment, but an aspirational model. Not just a media phenomenon, but a real style.

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Giulia Martinez Annalisa Paolicchi
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Original title: 
Winx - The secret of the lost kingdom
3d animation
Directed by: 
Iginio Straffi
Official site: 
01 Distribution
Exit date: 
November 30, 2007
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