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Wreck-it Ralph
Wreck-it Ralph

Wreck-it Ralph Wreck-it Ralph
ï ¿½ Walt Disney Animation Studios

On December 20, Ralph Spaccatutto is released in Italian cinemas, an animated film that combines the cartoon with the video game, creating a combination that gives it a romantic and, at times, nostalgic flavor. The film is directed by Rich Moore, winner of 2 Emmy awards, and produced by Walt Disney. The director, a debut in the feature film, manages to build a good story, funny but also tender, entering the world of long-time video game fans and bringing to life on the big screen very popular characters from arcade games. First of all, the protagonist Wreck-It Ralph, villain of Felix Fix It , to which the American actor John C. Reilly lends his voice. With him we also find his antagonist Felix, voiced by comedian Jack McBrayer. Ralph and Felix, however, are not alone, in fact, thanks to collaboration with the production companies of many video games, the film can boast the participation of other characters who, with different cameos, make it more interesting and varied.

So there are Sergeant Calhoun from Hero s Duty , voiced by Jane Lynch, Vanellope von Schweetz and Re Candito from Sugar Rush , voiced by Sarah Silverman and Alan Tudyk, and many others, each with the his world and his adventures. A story, therefore, which contains many others and which, given the Christmas period in which it arrives, can be an excellent opportunity to take children to the cinema. Ralph Spaccatutto also represents the opportunity to introduce the little ones to coin-operated videogames, popular pastimes of a few years ago that are the undisputed protagonists of this animated film, suitable for the holiday period. And those who think that `` Ralph Spaccatutto '' does not fit into the artistic groove and filmography of Walt Disney Animation Studios will have to think again because it is absolutely not so. This is also confirmed by the director who considers Ralph a typical Disney character, who embodies all the characteristics of the creations of the American production house, thus sweeping away any doubts. Indeed, during an interview, Moore compares this villain to Pinocchio and Dumbo, classic characters from the Studios. In fact, like the second, he tries to be loved and accepted and, like the famous wooden puppet, however, he makes bad choices that often get him into trouble and make him live in solitude and marginalized.

Felix Builder - Wreck-it Ralph
Felix Adjuster
ï ¿½ Walt Disney Animation Studios

The plot
Ralph makes the first wrong choice when he gets it into his head to leave his world: "Felix Fix It", the famous and colorful video game born in 1982. The reason is simple and also quite understandable, he is tired of "having to do" the bad , despite his true nature is tender and romantic, and so he decides to escape. The task he no longer wants to carry out is to destroy the wall of the Belposto condominium to allow the good of the situation, the unbearable Felix Fix it all, who also gives the name to the video game, to remedy the damage done by him and repair for the umpteenth time the destroyed wall. Thus earning the affection of the condominiums but also many kisses, a medal and energy cakes that help him carry out his reconstruction missions.

This story has been going on for thirty years now and while the good Felix Fix It is loved by all, Wreck-It Ralph, having finished his thankless task (his turn to play), is forced to go, forgotten by all, to his house, a lonely brick dump. The inhabitants of Belposto, led by Gene, who watch Ralph's destructive work from the windows of the condominium, always despise him and exclude him from their parties while they adore Felix and shower him with attention and prizes. Now, however, it is too much and not even the usual group therapy for video game villains is enough for him, he can no longer bear all this. Ralph also wants his moment of glory, his recognition, he too desires to be loved as the good and heroic Felix and, thus, thinks well to escape, through the electric cables of his coin-operated machine, leaving his antagonist alone to take all the credit and rewards.

He feels ready to begin his incredible journey through the new and super-technological modern video games, passing through every generation of these pastimes that over the years have conquered millions of people. He is a hero and as such he feels able to face this path and to deal with other stories and other virtual worlds, to find his redemption and no longer be considered a "bad example". The opportunity comes when a new and very modern war game arrives in the arcade and Ralph decides to prove its worth and, thus, enters it with the hope of winning everyone's respect and love. He thinks, therefore, to reach his goal by abandoning his old 8-bit game to enter a new adventure. His plan is simple: to win a medal and give the best of himself, putting himself on the side of the good ones to conquer the much desired happiness but, unfortunately, despite the good intentions, the result will not be the desired one. In this aspect of the story the resemblance to the troublemaker, despite himself, Pinocchio is clear. Ralph thus catapults himself into the sci-fi battle of “Hero's Duty”, a cutting-edge and adrenaline-pumping shooter game that takes place in the deepest space on an unknown planet.

Sergeant Calhoun - Wreck-it Ralph
Sergeant Calhoun
ï ¿½ Walt Disney Animation Studios

Here he meets the invincible and relentless Sergeant Calhoun. A commander with a charming appearance but the tough temper of a steel leader. Between espionage and military training, his task is to counter a dangerous invasion of Insectoids. These fearsome enemies can turn into anything they eat and, by multiplying relentlessly, endanger the player and the entire arcade. Ralph wants to win the Hero's Duty Medal of Heroes, kept by the severe General Hologram, and for this he tries in every way to help Sergeant Calhoun but, unfortunately, the efforts are not successful.

In fact, his arrival has altered the balance that would have been better left unchanged, causing many problems. In a completely accidental way, our protagonist destroys everything and unleashes a very dangerous and deadly enemy that threatens the whole world of arcade video games and that could have a nefarious effect even in the real world. So we must remedy and try to find a solution and to help him another "outcast" like him comes to his rescue, the bubbly Vanellope von Schweetz, the exuberant protagonist of a kart game, called "Sugar Rush", an American arcade of success created in 1997.

Vanellope - Wreck-it Ralph
ï ¿½ Walt Disney Animation Studios

As can be seen from the title of the videogame it is a very particular race of racing cars, in fact it is run between caramelized cars, sugary characters and inspired by the most gluttonous sweets. Vanellope von Schweetz is also a very particular girl: sharp and very sarcastic, so much so that she is always excluded from the other characters in the game, a bit like our Ralph. The girl with a strong sense of competition, which is why she is not particularly loved by other competitors who never want her in competitions, will be his first true friend and, when she too is in danger, she will push him to become truly a hero, the one that will save everything and everyone. In the colorful and sweet world of “Sugar Rush”, the existence of the “tomboy” Vanellope, who prefers to run on the track rather than dress up as a princess, has little joy and happiness, just like him in his virtual reality.

All the characters that surround her, in fact, would gladly do without her because they can't stand her unbridled desire to win but also her propensity to combine disasters. From King Candit, the undisputed champion of racing and super star of the track, not as sweet as his name would seem, to his inseparable henchmen: the tiny Sour Bill and security managers Wynnchel and Duncan; from Snowanna Rainbeau, the most glamorous and fashionable competitor of “Sugar Rush”, to Rancis Fluggerbutter, the kid with a flair for business and great skill in racing techniques, passing through all the other protagonists of motor racing. And so the impertinent Vanellope von Schweetz is just like Wreck-It Ralph, both mistreated and marginalized by all but the only ones capable of bringing the situation back to normal. Apparently "bad" but with a tender and kind soul and eager to show that "being bad does not mean being bad". In short, two typical nerds ready to redeem themselves.

Wreck-it Ralph
Wreck-it Ralph
ï ¿½ Walt Disney Animation Studios

No beautiful princess to save and no brave prince charming who runs to her aid, therefore, in this latest effort by Walt Dìsney but also these protagonists have, without a doubt, the distinctive imprint of the Studios and, despite the modernity and originality that distinguishes them, they have nothing that makes them less "Disney-like" than slightly more conventional characters, such as "Cinderella", "Sleeping Beauty" and many others. Thus, with good reason, "Wreck-It Ralph" is considered by the American major production to be the fifty-second official "classic" in its history that began with "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" in 1937. The film by Rich Moore, former director of some episodes de "The Simpsons" and "Futurama", is distributed in 3D and is also highly anticipated in Italy, after the great success achieved in the United States, where it was released in cinemas on 20 November and already at the first weekend of screening it grossed nearly fifty million dollars at the box office.

Overseas the positive feedback continues, so much so that “Wreck-It Ralph” has already earned more than one hundred million dollars at the box office and has been included in the list for the best animated films in the selection for the Oscars. In our country it has already pleasantly surprised during its presentation at the Rome International Film Festival last November, when a huge Christmas tree and many joyful children, in pure Christmas style, paraded on the red carpet, which perfectly made the style of this funny film, suitable for everyone.

Rich Moore's work, in fact, will make adults grasp references to the most popular arcade games when they were kids, so that it will be easy to make comparisons, but it will also be pleasant for them to review, with 8-bit graphics, unforgettable characters like Pac -Man, Tapper's bartender and Q * bert again. For the little ones, however, it will bring to mind "Toy Story" where the protagonist, the cowboy sheriff Woody will have to deal with the new toys that will come as a gift to children, a bit like our Ralph who, instead, has to deal with it. with the most modern video games. In short, "Wreck-It Ralph", although it has some small flaws especially in the rhythm that appears a bit slow in the central part of the film, will make young and old spend a pleasant afternoon at the cinema transporting them on a fantastic and moving journey through arcade video games. games.

Wreck-it Ralph poster
Original title: 
Wreck-It Ralph
3d animation
101 '
Directed by: 
Rich Moore
Official site:
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy
Exit date: 
December 20, 2012 at the cinema


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