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Ballerina - the movie (2016)

Poster of the film Ballerina

Original title: Ballerina
Country: France, Canada
Year: 2016
Gender: Entrainment
Duration: 89 '
Directed by: Eric Summer and ric Warin
Production: Quad Productions, Caramel Film, Main Journey
Distribution: Screen - CDE
Exit date: 16 February 2017 (cinema)

On February 16, the new animated film entitled "Ballerina" will debut on the big screen, a French-Canadian production starring the aspiring dancer F licie.
A film that arouses many expectations this by Eric Summer, director at his first debut in the world of animation who entrusts design and graphics in the skilled hands of Éric Warin; the film is entirely financed by the French producer Quad.
The dubbing of the Italian version is entrusted to a cast of famous stars (who ensure its success in the Bel Paese) including the Roman actress Sabrina Ferilli (Regine), the Etoile Palermo Eleonora Abbagnato (Odette), Federico Russo (Rudolph) , F licie, on the other hand, will have the voice of Emanuela Ionica, the Italian voice actress of the very popular children's film (and not only) Violetta. Final treat an interpreter of Italian music, Francesca Michelin will make us savor and bewitched by the extraordinary melody of - Tu sei una favola -.

F licie the protagonist of the film Ballerina
F licie the protagonist of the film Ballerina

The story is set in the Paris of the late nineteenth century, the Paris of the elegant and voluptuous Ville Lumière, which, moreover, is at its earliest, just when Georges Eugène Haussmann, the French baron, starts the urban project of the most beautiful streets Parisian, which we still admire today both from an urban and stylistic point of view.
Innovation and excitement, therefore, are the backdrop to the adventure of this delicious heroine.
F licie is an unfortunate child as an orphan, therefore she lives in a rustic Breton orphanage, together with her great and inseparable friend Victor.
At one point F licie unequivocally discovers that she has an unbridled passion for dancing, this passion has followed her since she was very young.

F licie dances above the roofs of the orphanage

F licie and Victor are like all children, they have dreams to fulfill, talent to show but it is certainly not by being locked up in that squalid orphanage that they can do it. Only the escape from that place can start the realization of their dreams. The escape plan is well thought out, the exhilarating outcome, the inevitable success, the ending to be discovered.
The two flee, in the end, towards Paris; but, we could say, dreams sooner or later collide with harsh reality.
The impact with the big city in turmoil, if on the one hand it excites and fascinates them, on the other it frightens them.
It is not loneliness that frightens them, let alone, they have always lived loneliness, since they were in the world; nor are the dark alleys to stiffen them, the drunks or the homeless, what they fear is not to find a way to impose themselves, to realize what they keep in their heart, to be seen in such a big place, they are so small and fragile .

F licie and Victor
F licie and Victor

Those of our two orphans are not common dreams, they certainly have not escaped the oppression of the director out of a stupid whim, F licie wants to become a dancer, an opera étoile, she feels that Paris awaits her, she feels that life all a great expectation, while Victor has an infinite whirlwind of ideas and extraordinary inventions inside, ready to come into the world if only someone believed in him.
Destiny is there waiting for them, almost extending your hands to them in the shadow of the Effeil Tower, as benign as the expected sun appears after the storm.

F liciee Victor flee from the orphanage

What can happen more opportunely to those who are afraid and are losing confidence in themselves? A meeting, F licie runs into an Odette woman, this is an étoile who has fallen from grace after an accident that made her lame and forced her to prematurely interrupt her career.

F licie and Odette

Odette becomes a guide for F licie, a dance and life teacher, it is with her that F licie learns that realizing a dream takes effort, she learns that a dream must be defended strenuously, it must be raised like a child in the womb, that a dream as dance needs technique, but above all that heartless technique is of little use ... it's just technique.

F licie at Luis Merante's dance school

F licie enters the Opera dance school under the guidance of the severe and frowning professor Luis Merante. Shiny shoes, stick in hand to beat time, Luis Merante cannot bear the exuberance of F licie who has no technique, has no grace, has no bearing, what good can ever come from this girl.
Thus began F licie's training with her teacher Odette; Merante will have to see satisfactory and immediate results, under penalty of exclusion of F licie from the young group of the Opera ballet.
Balance tests, exercises on the toes, back straight, chin up, attention to detail.
All this is tiring, as tiring has been her whole life up to that moment, but F licie manages to make it, until a perfidious competitor appears on her way: Camille, a creature as graceful as it is hostile, daughter of the rigid Madame Le Haut.

The dancer Camille

Many attacks on F licie, mortifications, humiliations on the part of mother and daughter; Madame Le Haute dreams for her daughter's debut on the stage of the Opera, the role of Clara in the ballet of The Nutcracker by Tchakovsky and will not allow anyone to come between her daughter and her personal successful project.
Camille's technique is perfect, without any shadow of a doubt, but one thing is lacking, something important is missing from that spoiled girl: passion.

F licie and Camille

F licie will understand that her passion, this fire that has always burned within her, for dance cannot be overcome by any technique; at the end of the story, he will conquer much more than just a stage, he will discover that passion where it comes from and thus he will be able to keep it forever.

Ballerina is a film for the whole family, it has the simple structure of a fairytale, even the ending is predictable, but what makes it special is that touch of magic that always accompanies animated films. Magic that materializes in the realization of a dream that seems to be doomed to fail, which keeps you in suspense until its crowning. It is a film that little girls will appreciate very much, precisely because every little girl's dream is to be a ballerina even if she has never worn a tutu or even a pair of pointe shoes.
Perhaps the vibrations of childhood, the vibrations that come from pure hearts can only make you dream of one day dancing to the melody of that music that comes from within.
Date: 13/01/2017



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