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Barbie and the Secret Kingdom

Barbie and the secret kingdomBarbie and the Secret Kingdom (Barbie and the Secret Door), produced by Universal Pictures Home Video in collaboration with The Space Cinema, marks the film debut of the famous Mattel doll on the big screen. The animated feature film (duration 81 min), directed by Karen J. Lloyd, will be screened exclusively in all rooms of The Space circuit on 27 and 28 September.

In this enchanting musical-film Barbie plays the role of Alexa, a young and introverted princess, all taken by her passion for books that tell fantastic and adventurous stories. Unable to fulfill her real duties (she doesn't like to take part in mundane events, meet people and talk or dance in public), the beautiful protagonist prefers to travel with her imagination, imagining unreal worlds populated by bizarre creatures. One fine day, after leafing through the pages of a book received as a gift from her grandmother, Alexa discovers a sparkling magical door in her garden that gives access to a fairy world. In this enchanted land, the beautiful princess meets Romy and Nori, a little mermaid and a fairy who have lost their magical powers. Precisely for this reason the two will ask Alexa to help them defeat Malucia, the perfidious and disloyal ten-year-old queen, who, having been born without magic, tries to take possession of the powers of the other inhabitants of the enchanted kingdom. Alexa appears fascinated by this challenge, although she is still quite lost and confused.


Barbie and the secret kingdomHowever, the discovery that she has a magic wand with enormous powers in her hair will convince her to help the two fairy creatures. Malucia and her faithful `` Nasoni '' (grotesque creatures with a long nose able to smell the magical aura that spreads in the air) are currently intent on hunting down the Queen of Unicorns, in order to expropriate her of all magical power. When the evil ruler of the Kingdom manages to locate the Unicorn Queen's hiding place, Alexa, Romy and Nori rush to her rescue. Despite their sudden intervention, it seems that there is nothing more to be done: Malucia has managed to channel the powers of the Queen of Unicorns and all the other inhabitants into her scepter, except for Alexa. It will be the sweet and fearless blonde princess who will bring peace and serenity back to the enchanted kingdom, thanks to a sudden flash of wit. After this undoubted test of courage Alexa is ready to return to her world, but with a renewed confidence in herself. Thanks to the new awareness acquired in the enchanted kingdom, the blonde princess is finally able to overcome her introversion and her fears and to face real life with a spirit of initiative and audacity. So much so that, during an official party at Court, the young woman performs an impeccable waltz, making her father extremely proud of her. In short, Alexa has finally grown up and has learned to be herself and to manage everyday situations with extreme ease.

Barbie and the secret kingdomBarbie and the secret kingdom a delicate and pleasant coming-of-age tale in which it is told how a shy and awkward seventeen-year-old finally manages to take off. As Alexa herself says at one point: You will never know what you are capable of until you try. In other words, the animated feature film represents the existential evolution of the protagonist: Alexa is initially unable to relate to the real world, but, after the surreal experience in the Kingdom of magic, as if she were a modern Alice in Wonderland, she manages to become adult and to build their own personality.









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Video Trailer Barbie and the Secret Kingdom


Original title:  Barbie and the Secret Door
Country:  USA
Year:  2014
Gender:  3D animation
Duration:  81 '
Directed by:  Karen J. Lloyd
Production: Universal Pictures
Distribution:  The Space Extra
Exit :  September 27, 2014 (cinema)
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