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Bigfoot Junior

Original title: Bigfoot Junior
Directed by:
Jeremy Degruson, Ben Stassen
Characters: Adam, Bigfoot, Shelly, Trapper, Weecha, Tina
Production: nWave Pictures, StudioCanal, Belga Productions

Distribution: Koch Media
: Belgium, France
Exit date: 25 January 2018 at the cinema
Gender: Animation, Adventure
Duration: 92 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old


Thirteen-year-old Adam sets out on an epic adventure to unravel the mystery behind his father's disappearance. He soon discovers that his dad is none other than the legendary Bigfoot, who has been hiding in the forest for years to protect himself and his family from HairCo., A powerful pharmaceutical company that wants to use his special DNA to conduct scientific experiments.

Father and son begin to make up for lost time and Adam discovers that he has the same amazing superpowers as Dad! What he doesn't know is that he left traces and that the evil HairCo. has now followed in the footsteps of Bigfoot! Adam thanks to the help of his friends of the forest will learn to overcome his limits and turn them into strengths. The legendary figure of Bigfoot becomes a very nice animated film full of adventures and twists that will make your feet stomp with laughter !.




Sitting at the back of the classroom, Adam is, as always, lost in his dreams and the voice of his teacher and the laughter of the bullies seem to wake him up. He has no idea of ​​the adventure he is about to experience!
Adam is a sweet and witty child. Lately he has noticed some strange changes in him: his hair has grown out of all proportion and his feet have broken through his shoes!
But it is not the first time that Adam's life is filled with mystery: when he was still very young, his father disappeared under dark circumstances. The little boy has never complained and has lived quietly alone with his mother ... until the day he discovers letters written by his father indicating an address. From that moment on he will have only one goal in mind: to find his father! A quest that will lead him to the discovery of a new world, full of superpowers and unexpected friends!
During his adventure, Adam will learn a lot about himself and the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of his father, but he will also discover that the dangers that forced them to stay away are far from vanished ...
He can talk to animals, hear sounds from a mile away, run and jump like no other ... Bigfoot powers! He uses scotch tape to fix his shoes. She has to cut her hair every day. He hates his mother's meatloaf.


Bigfoot is Adam's dad. He was a brilliant young successful scientist who, for mysterious reasons, turned into ... Bigfoot. When the HairCo. begins to hunt him and threaten his family, he hides in the forest to protect her. Far from being the wild beast you might imagine, Bigfoot is thoughtful, funny, protective and holds all the animals of the forest together.
Aside from the size of his feet, he also has superpowers! Faster than a rabbit, stronger than a bear, more agile than a squirrel, he is the true Guardian of the Forest.
Fast, powerful, agile and has all the abilities of animals.
a formidable guitarist ... it is a pity that his musical tastes are really old-fashioned! When he moves to the forest, he becomes a vegetarian, but still thinks Trapper would be delicious - with a pinch of salt and pepper!



Shelly is Adam's mom. Tired and stressed out, she still manages to be a perfect mother ... cooking skills aside! Her biting humor goes hand in hand with Adam's. She sacrificed a lot for him, even when this meant hiding the truth about his father from him ...

His determination knows no limits

Cook Adam's meatloaf practically every day!



Trapper is the cutest raccoon ever to paw in the forest ... or so he thinks! This cheeky rodent never misses an opportunity to brag and doesn't seem to notice the exasperation of his friends. The truth is that, far from being 'born ready' as he always describes himself, what he does best is complicating things! Fortunately for him (and that of his friends), Trapper's heart is at least as big as his ego! He calls himself `` the boss of the forest ''.



Weecha is a female raccoon with a plan. She is married to Trapper and is the solid counterpart to her impulsive ways. But don't be fooled: even if Trapper says otherwise, she's the boss!

With his raccoon agility, he can fight like a kung-fu master!

Inside her little belly she carries some raccoon cubs "



Wilbur is a terrifying black bear who roams the forest in search of prey, man or animal, to be reduced to pulp with his giant sharp claws ... but only for fun! Nothing satisfies him more than a good joke, especially if his friend Bigfoot is around. Wilbur is anything but scary: to be honest, he's a quiet giant teddy bear who wants nothing more than to stay quiet in the forest. But if someone threatens his friends, his primal animal instincts awaken and, then, it is better not to cross his path!

Wilbur is a brute force bear. He hates to be defined as "sweet", but, despite himself, he admits that he is "



Tina the squirrel is the most energetic of the group of animals. Always adrenaline pumping, she never stops running, climbing trees and other animals, jumping on the ground and running again ... that's why her friends always have a headache! It is impossible not to worship her, and when her true friends are in danger, her unmatched speed is of great help! It has an insane speed that compensates for its mignon size! He has a weakness for rabbits "


Bigfoot is a tall, hairy creature, similar to a cross between a man and a primate. He lives isolated in the wooded mountains of North America. The Native Americans, who know its existence well before us, call it 'Sasquatch'. For them, Bigfoot is not a monster, but the guardian of the forest. Bigfoot is quite wild and no one has ever managed to get close to him, which is why he is so difficult to describe precisely. We know however that it is very tall (between 2 and 3 meters ... twice the size of a child!) And as big as a gorilla which measures only 1,70 m in height. It has an amazing strength that allows it to throw boulders or trees with ease and astonishing agility: in the forest it can jump from rock to rock and climb the tallest trees like a monkey. Maybe Bigfoot doesn't have other powers we don't know, like the ability to talk to animals or hear sounds from a kilometer away ...

Its name is probably due to the huge footprints found in California (it is said that its feet are more than 60 cm long and 20 cm wide!), Which represent the first evidence of its existence. However, there are other explanations as well. Some argue that the name comes from an extraordinarily large and strong Grizzly bear that lived in the early XNUMXth century which was also called the big foot.

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