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Boog and the ranger BethBoog and Elliot is the CG animation film produced by Sony Pictures Animation which will be released in theaters on December 7th. The film is aimed above all at children, thanks to a funny story about the world of animals, which will give particular insights into the value of friendship and respect for nature. The direction is entrusted to a staff that boasts the best productions of animated cinema: Roger Allers the director of The Lion King, Jill Culton who worked for Toy Story 2 and Anthony Stacchi for Zeta the ant.

Boog & ElliotThe film's protagonists are Boog, a Grizzly bear lovingly raised by Beth, Timberline's Park Ranger, and Elliot, a lean and crafty mule deer who has always lived in the forest. Boog is a quiet bear; he spends a comfortable life without having to worry about food and a place to sleep, as he stays in a garage equipped with all the comforts a pet could ask for: bed, TV, bathroom, bowl, etc ... His life will change later the encounter with the talkative deer Elliot, whom he finds mercilessly tied to the hood of Shaw's off-road vehicle, the most arrogant hunter in his country. Elliot begs Boog to free him and the bear, at first a little surprised, moved by that deer with the broken horn, decides to untie him and make him escape. Back in his shelter, one night Boog receives a visit from Elliot determined to return the favor. Elliot is convinced that Boog is a prisoner of the garage, so he invites him to escape with him into the woods. Boog & ElliotThe grizzly bear grew up in captivity and is therefore unfamiliar with forest life, so Elliot will guide him through everything. A little at a time Boog will discover the beauties of nature, where he will also awaken his instinct as a predator and with it the troubles he will get into. Meanwhile, the hunting season has opened and the terrible Shaw, armed with a rifle, is looking for some prey to shoot. To deal with this threat, Boog and Elliot just have to join the animals of the forest. Here they will meet some bizarre and wacky characters: an army of fearful rabbits, a sad porcupine looking for a hug, Reilly a naive dam builder beaver, two snobbish skunks and above all Mc Squizzy, a Scottish squirrel with a rebellious and enterprising temperament. But among the animals of the forest they will also find contrasts, and in particular with Ian, a superb pack leader deer, who takes it out on Elliot, but it is precisely on this occasion that Boog will take the defense of his friend, facing Ian and finally managing to gather the animals of the forest for a single purpose: to defend themselves from hunters. Ian, the duck and ReillyThus a bloody battle will be born, where each animal will resort to its own means, like the porcupine that protects itself with a metal colander, from which it makes its quills sprout or like the flock of ducks that will put their eternal enemies to flight. The film is a fun adventure full of humorous gags and action, thanks to the characters characterized very well by Steve Moore and made with perfect 3D graphics. The soundtrack is also noteworthy, as it was made by the well-known American singer Paul Westerberg.


Boog & Elliot
Original title: Open Season
Country: Use
Year: 2006
Gender: Entrainment
Duration: 87 '
Directed by: Roger Allers, Jill Culton, Anthony Stacchi
Production:Sony Pictures Animation
Distribution:Sony Pictures Releasing Italy
Exit : December 7, 2006


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