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Once upon a time there was Prince Charming

Once upon a time there was Prince Charming

Original title: Charming
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, Astrid Hofferson, Grimmel the Grifaio, Skaracchio, Snot Jorgenson, Snot Jorgenson, Testaditufo Thortson, Testabruta Thortson, Eret, Valka, Stoick the immense.
Production: 3QU Media, Cinesite, Storyoscopic Films, Vanguard Animation, WV Enterprises
Regia: Ross Venokur
Country: USA, Canada
Year: 2018 mm
Gender: 3d animation, fantasy, adventure
Episodes: 1 mm
Exit date: February 28, 2019
Recommended age: from 6 to 18 years old
Duration: 90 minutes


Azzurro is a prince who was cursed about twenty years ago by his father's partner Nemeny Neverwish. Due to her failure to marry the king, Nemeny casts a curse on the young Prince Charming. He has the ability to make every woman on earth fall in love instantly, but only until her 21st birthday, when all love in the world will disappear. Prince Charming's only chance to break the spell is to find his true love. However, on his XNUMXst birthday, Prince Charming offered not one but three bachelorette parties; Cinderella , snow-white e Sleeping Beauty , they are not all aware that they are engaged to the same guy. Having grown weary of his levity, Prince Charming's father throws him out of the house to go on a mission known as "The Great Test" and along the way true love begins to blossom.

Lenore is a jewel thief, also cursed by Nemeny Neverwish, but unlike Prince Charming, her curse renders her unable to love. To avoid the royal guards, he hides in a bakery as Prince Charming's girlfriends enter the scene. Disguising himself as a baker and stealing all their possessions, he reveals Prince Charming's girlfriends, and this causes a scandal across the kingdom. Lenore is arrested and bribed by the princess's three guardians to lead Prince Charming on the "Great Trial" to a place called the mountains of fire. She accepts, only in exchange for their wealth. To avoid further clashes with the royal guards and to know how Prince Charming reacts in front of women, he disguises himself as a man and calls himself Lenny.

Prince Charming and Lenore (Lenny) travel through various obstacles towards The Mountains of Fire. First they are attacked by a tribe of giant women known as Matilija, but Prince Charming's spell saves the day by preventing them from being eaten. As Prince Charming is consecrated by most of Matilija, Lenore is greeted by the Oracle, who informs her that Prince Charming may be her true love. Lenore begins to have feelings for Prince Charming, and sets up a date at Dainty Dish, a local restaurant. However Nemeny discovers this and casts a curse that drags all the local women towards Prince Charming. Lenore is heartbroken to see Prince Charming surrounded by other women.

However, the two continue their march towards the mountains of fire and Lenore receives her reward. Prince Charming is confused by Lenny's cold demeanor after his trip to the Dainty Dish, at which point Lenore tells Prince Charming the truth about her disguise. Although he felt he had betrayed him, Prince Charming tells her he still loves her, but she refuses to listen to him.


Blue King and Nemeny Neverwish - Once upon a time there was the Prince Charming
Blue King and Nemeny Neverwish

Prince Charming and Lenore - Once upon a time there was Prince Charming
Prince Charming and Lenore


Snow White - Once upon a time there was the Prince Charmingsnow-white

Sleeping Beauty - Once upon a time there was Prince CharmingSleeping Beauty

Cinderella - Once upon a time there was the Prince CharmingCinderella

Prince Charming - Once upon a time there was Prince CharmingCharming prince

Video Once upon a time there was Prince Charming


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