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Cap - puppy in a sea of ​​trouble

Cap - puppy in a sea of ​​troubleCap - puppy in a sea of ​​trouble

Original title: Disorder
Directed by:
Kevin Johnson
Characters: Cap, Zoe
Production: 3QU Media, Cinesite Animation, Storyoscopic Films, Cap - Puppy in a Sea of ​​Trouble

Distribution: Eagle Pictures
: Canada
Exit date: 23 January 2020 at the cinema
Gender: 3d animation,
Recommended age: Movies for everyone

Cap - Puppy in a sea of ​​trouble, directed by Kevin Johnson, is an animated film starring a little spoiled little dog, accustomed to any kind of luxury thanks to its wealthy mistress. When the woman dies, Cap suddenly finds himself homeless. The heirs of the lady chase him away from the house and the little dog will be forced to face an arduous task: to learn to live in the real world, the very one who up to that moment had led a life of every comfort. Alone in the big city, Cap will live a thousand adventures until he meets Zoe, a young singing wannabe. Bumping into the puppy, the girl takes care of him and Cap will finally find a new home, Zoe's basement, so different from her old home. But the problems do not end there, on the trail of Cap are Charles and Victoria, the perfidious children of his late mistress. The two want to catch him because the rich lady left all the inheritance to her little dog without their knowledge. It will be Zoe who will help Cap to escape from the two greedy heirs.

The story of a spoiled and snobbish little dog forced to abandon a luxurious life in favor of a dangerous existence in contact with the real world, Trouble is not the only animated feature that stars man's best friend. To this category belongs a very illustrious series of examples, ranging from Lady and the Tramp a 101 Dalmatians, from Balto to the two The Secret Life of Pets and from Isle of Dogs to Rex - A puppy at the palace. The film, which comes from Canada, is directed by Kevin Johnson, who before moving behind the camera was an animator for important titles such as Asterix in America, The Iron Giant, T for Tigger ... and all the friends of Winnie The Pooh and Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 - Save Who Can !. His directorial debut came in 2003 with the short Early Bloomer, followed in 2014 by The Jungle Book, an adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's famous book "The Jungle Book". The story of Trouble was invented by Jordan Katz, Judah Miller, Rob Muir, John Paul Murphy and Harland Williams, while the musician and lyricist Jessica Weiss took care of the soundtrack.

Among the voice actors of the original version of the film are the dog trainer César Millán, famous for the TV show Dog Whisperer - A dog psychologist and Snoop Dog, an American rapper and record producer who has worked often for the cinema, both as a voice actor and as an actor. He voiced Fighetto in the animated film Turbo and appeared in the flesh in Training Day, Starsky & Hutch, Soul Plane - Crazy in an airplane.

Pictures of the film Cap - puppy in a sea of ​​trouble

Cap - puppy in a sea of ​​trouble
Cap - puppy in a sea of ​​trouble

Cap - puppy in a sea of ​​trouble
Cap - puppy in a sea of ​​trouble

Cap - puppy in a sea of ​​trouble
Cap - puppy in a sea of ​​trouble

Cap - puppy in a sea of ​​troubleCap - puppy in a sea of ​​trouble

Video trailer of the film Cap - puppy in a sea of ​​trouble

Cap - puppy in a sea of ​​trouble - "Trailer" clip


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