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Captain Harlock 3D - The future has already passed

Capitan harlockCaptain Harlock is the only man left to oppose the corrupt Gaia Coalition and try to prevent the extension of his dominion to the entire intergalactic world. Determined to take revenge against those who have harmed both him and all mankind, the mysterious space pirate wanders the universe in his warship, the Arcadia, boldly attacking and plundering enemy ships.

The leader of Gaia's fleet, Ezra, sends his younger brother Logan to infiltrate Arcadia to kill Harlock. But Logan soon discovers that things aren't always what they seem, and that there is always a valid reason behind the birth of a legend.

Harlock leads his loyal crew on a very risky mission: to undo the `` knots of time '' and bring the Earth back to a time when it was still inhabited by man. It is the year 2977 and 500 billion human beings scattered throughout the universe long to return to that planet that still feels like home. The rebel Harlock and his trusty troop are mankind's only hope that they will one day right all the wrongs suffered by the Coalition.

Kei and Captain HarlockCaptain Harlock 3D, the computer graphics film made by a group of Japanese animators and computer graphics experts, is certainly a film destined to make history. James Cameron, director of Avatar, defined it: “Mythic, epic and visually unprecedented”.

This adventurous film, full of rhythm and action, is based on the original work "Captain Harlock, space pirate”Written by Leiji Matsumoto, legendary sci-fi comic book author. Matsumoto is known for stories like "Galaxy Express 999”, Which tell of the famous space pirate who rebels against government forces, and fights together with his crew aboard the invincible spaceship Arcadia, to defend humanity.

Mimay and Captain HarlockBy 1977 the story had become a comic series in the pages of Play Comic, while the following year it had turned into a cartoon series for television, which was immediately a huge international success. So much so that, for example, today in France the generation of thirty / forty-year-olds is called the 'Albator generation', from the name that Harlock had taken on in the very popular French edition.

Having a role in both "Galaxy Express 999" and "Captain Harlock, Space Pirate" (of which he is the protagonist), Captain Harlock is an important character in the world created by Matsumoto.
However, this film doesn't just bring Harlock back to the screen. Just like Batman (1989) is reborn as The Dark Knight (2008) and Superman (1978) in those of Man of Steel (2013), also in this case it is a re-proposal starting from the original material which is decidedly more innovative and spectacular than in the past, although it has been kept faithful to the spirit of Matsumoto's work.

The arcadiaThe most noticeable change concerns Harlock as a 'rebel anti-hero', seen in this film through the gaze of Logan, a spy who infiltrates Arcadia by posing as a crew member. Sought across the galaxy for his crimes, Harlock is an extraordinarily skilled commander in battle and an admired leader who would never abandon his men. This reinterpretation delves into Harlock's intimate, dark yet fascinating nature in an interesting way. Is this a character who embodies destruction and plunder, or does he represent Earth's last hope of survival? In an attempt to uncover the truth about the captain, Logan stumbles upon an incredible secret from Harlock's past. Led by comic creator Leiji Matsumoto and Appleseed director Shinji Aramaki, the crew includes some of the most respected professionals in the Japanese film industry.

The screenplay was written by Harutoshi Fukui, whose novels have often been adapted for the big screen - as in the case of Aimless Aegis - and by Kiyoto Takeuchi, who previously collaborated with director Aramaki on the screenplay for Appleseed Ex Machina. . For this reimagining of Harlock, the original story has been enriched with a more current core theme, and a whole new universe has been created.

Mechanical creator Atsushi Takeuchi of Production IG is best known for his collaboration on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, while character creator and designer Yutaka Minowa is best known for Ninja Scrolls. Thanks to Matsumoto's projects, Minowa was able to keep the atmosphere of the world created by the great master intact also for this new adaptation. Finally, the teams of Toei Animation and Marza Animation Planet are part of the project, which have brought together the best Japanese computer graphics experts, under the supervision of Takeuchi Kengo. From the scenes of the battles in remote space, to direct confrontations aboard spaceships without gravity, the rhythm and quality of the visually stunning sequences are absolutely breathtaking.



Capitan harlock

A former captain of the fleet of the Legion of Gaia, he has become a legendary space pirate in revolt against government forces for a hundred years. He is in command of the invincible pirate ship Arcadia and his ability to steer a warship is second to none.
Gravity Control Cloak: A special cloak that can compensate for gravity using dark matter. Allows easy descent from great heights. The warrior's gun: made and given to him by his great friend Tochiro, the most powerful weapon in the universe . Sword of gravity: a weapon capable of cutting any substance with the gravitational waves that permeate everything. It can also serve as a laser rifle. Dark Matter: Harlock is said to have defeated death thanks to the dark matter he has in his body.


Prefect of the Legion of Gaia. Although he is Logan's older brother, he has a deep grudge against him due to the incident that disabled him. He wants at all costs to achieve the Coalition's long-pursued goal: to destroy Harlock.

Spy of the Legion of Gaia. Guilt for causing his brother Ezra to be severely disabled in an accident prompts him to volunteer for the new mission.

Childhood friend of Logan and Ezra. She takes care of the flowers that had been so important to the mother of the two brothers. She used to have a crush on Logan, but now she is Ezra's wife.

Engineer of the Gaia Legion and best friend of Harlock. He died a hundred years ago during the great war but his soul survives on the ship's computer.

TORI (Bird)

Although he was originally with Tochiro, he is now often seen on Harlock's shoulder. Whenever Harlock is in trouble, Tori appears to help him.

Last survivor of the now extinct Niflung, the only civilized alien race that humans have been able to discover. He put his life in Harlock's hands and entrusted his fate to Arcadia.


First Officer of Arcadia. Eager to enter battle while wearing armor, on all other occasions he proves to be a thoughtful leader. He hides his shyness. Computer enthusiast and skilled hacker.


The only woman and fighter of the crew. Harlock saved her life when she was a little girl and she married his targets. Cancel any stereotypes about women, being an excellent fighter.

Original title: 
Space Pirate Captain Harlock
3D animation, science fiction
113 '
Directed by: 
Shinji Aramaki
Toei Animation Company, Toei Animation
Lucky Red
Exit date: 
01 January 2014 at the cinema


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