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Captain Underpants - the movie

Captain Underpants Captain Underpants

Original title: Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie
Directed by:
David Soren
Characters: George Beard, Harold Hutchins, Mr. Krupp, Captain Pant, Melvin Sneedly
Production: DreamWorks Animation

Country: USA
Exit date: November 1, 2017 at the cinema
Gender: 3d animation, comedy
Duration: 89 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

George and Harold are two best friends, pranksters but also extremely creative, who hypnotize the director of their school to transform him into the superhero of their drawings: Captain Underpants... enthusiastic to the point of ridiculousness, incurably gullible and above all not smart ! Definitely a half hero!

Captain Underpants (Captain Underpants in the original) is a superhero created by George Beard and Harold Hutchins (in the first Italian editions they were called Giorgio Giorgi and Carlo de 'Carlis), two 9-10 year old children from Piqua, Ohio. It is basically a parody of superheroes in costume, who, in addition to a traditional red cloak, wears only underwear, from which he pulls out the odd gadgets he needs to fight (eg the "Toilet Bill of Rights"), and struggles with the "pant powers". George and Harold make him the protagonist of their funny comic series, in which they also make fun of the teachers and students of the elementary school they attend, Stanlio and Ollio (in the first Italian editions he is called Gabriele de 'Amicis, while in the original is named after Jerome Horwitz, a well-known American comedian).

These comics are scattered throughout the books in the series. In addition to this, the two friends combine all kinds of trouble, attracting the ire of Mr. Grugno (Benjamin "Benny" Krupp in the original), the director of the school. In the first episode of the series therefore George and Harold hypnotize Mr. Snout with a 3D ring and make him believe he is Captain Underpants himself. The game soon gets out of hand and, after several mishaps, the two boys free him from the trance by pouring cold water on his head. However, they had not read the warnings contained in the instructions on the 3D ring, so from now on Mr. Snout will go back into the trance state ("transforming" back into Captain Underpants) every time he hears a snap of his fingers. George and Harold will be forced to keep an eye on it and follow it, in the hope of averting more disasters.

Captain Underpants therefore becomes the alter ego of Mr. Grugno, who every time he transforms throws away his clothes and toupee, keeping only his underpants and a red polyester curtain used as a cloak. In the third episode of the series, Captain Underpants against the evil zombie suckers, Grugno ingests the "Super juice", stolen from the aliens who intended to conquer the Earth, and thanks to it he acquires new powers, such as super strength and the ability to fly.

George Beard and Harold HutchinsGeorge Beard and Harold Hutchins

Captain Underpants in actionCaptain Underpants in action

Captain Underpants in action
George Beard and Harold Hutchins


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