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Come d'incantoAs if by magic is a film that revolutionizes the canons and stereotypes typical of Walt Disney born with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and continued with the various princesses such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel etc ... The story starts from the cartoon of Princess Giselle, a beautiful girl who lives in a fairy-tale house in the woods, together with her animal friends. The day Giselle prepares to go to the castle to marry Prince Edward, she runs into the evil Queen Narissa on her way, who pushes her into a well and plunges her into the real world. Princess Giselle (played by Amy Adams) suddenly finds herself in contemporary New York City, in a world of traffic, skyscrapers and countless people walking in a hurry. Taken by fear, she continues to look for the prince charming and ends up taking refuge inside an advertising billboard depicting a castle.

Come d'incantoTo his aid comes the lawyer Robert (played by Patrick Dempsey), anything but the classic prince charming, as he is very pragmatic and in his profession deals with divorce cases. Meanwhile, Prince Edward (James Marsden) arrives in the real world, desperate for the princess to kiss. Together with him also the cute squirrel Pip, coming from the forest of fairy tales and Queen Nassira herself (beautifully played by Susan Sarandon), all in search of the princess.



Come d'incantoThe prince with his outdated and out of place phrasebook will lead Giselle to question the concept of love and romantic ending. It will be the cynical lawyer who will capture the heart of the beautiful princess, who will learn to understand all the difficulties of real life and how the charm of love is possible, through the little things of everyday life, becoming aware of her role as a woman within society. This does not mean she will lose the habit of singing in various situations, like all Disney princesses who respect themselves, enriching the film with musical moments. Despite the apparently (and deliberately) banal plot, the comedy leads us to reflect in an ironic way, on the value of love and marriage in contemporary society, which experiences the disenchantment of the romanticism of past years and on the role of man, so different. from the classic and macho canons of prince charming.

Come d'incanto
Original title: 
Animation, Fantastic, Romantic
109 '
Directed by: 
Kevin Lima
Official site: 
Andalasia Productions, Steiner Studios, Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy
Exit date: 
December 7, 2007


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