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The film of Dare Devil, one of the most fascinating comic superheroes from Marvel Comics, draws more inspiration from the saga written and drawn by the great Frank Miler than from the original character created by Stan Lee. The story of Dare Devil is that of Matt Murdock, a red-haired boy who is the son of boxer Jack Murdock and orphaned of his mother. But soon something happened that radically changed Matt's life, in fact due to an accident he was hit by some radioactive waste, which deprives him of the use of sight, but something different happened in him that he had already noticed during his hospitalization. in the hospital. His senses had developed enormously, due to the radioactivity. His touch had become so sensitive that he could read a book simply by passing his fingers over the page, perceiving the very slight relief of the ink. Matt can now recognize people by their natural smell, albeit altered by perfume. He has such a developed hearing that he can sense the presence of a person, listening to his heartbeat at a distance of several meters, from this he can also distinguish a person on the other hand and even to understand if he is lying or telling the truth by just changing the frequency of his heartbeat, as well as a sort of human lie detector. Dare Devil is also able to perceive the arrangement of objects around him, from the thermal radiation they emanate. Another serious fact marks the life of Matt Murdock, his father is killed by mafia for refusing to rig a boxing match. Matt then decides to become a lawyer in order to execute the guilty. After growing up and reaching his goal, however, he realizes that the law does not always manage to punish the real culprits. He then decides to wear a mask and costume to fight crime thus becoming the masked justices Daredevil, who acts mainly at night. He will then clash with the terrible local underworld boss, Kingpin (Mike Clark Duncan), who hires the infallible killer Bullseye (Colin Farrell) and Bulleye to take out Daredevil. Fighting crime alongside Daredevil is also Elektra Nachos (Jennifer Garner), beautiful and statuesque. The film is full of action and combat from start to finish and the atmosphere is decidedly "dark". Of course, Frank Miller's comics are something else and this shows how the charm and richness of comics can never be replaced by cinema.

Original title: Dare devil
Country: Use
Year: 2003
Gender: Action / Sci-Fi
Duration: 120 '
Directed by: Mark Steven Johnson
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