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Despicable Me 2

Crane with one of the orphans - Despicable Me 2
Despicable Me 2
ï ¿½ Illumination Entertainment / Universal Pictures

In 2010 we left Gru in the guise of a loving father who, having abandoned all ambition as an aspiring evil, had succumbed to the tenderness and sympathy of the three little adoptive orphans. Now, three years later, he returns to the big screen in a 3D animated film that the whole family will enjoy.

The movie begins with a polar scenario, in the middle of snow and ice, where a large laboratory in which a very dangerous transmutation serum is being tested, the PX-41, is suddenly sucked into the sky by a giant magnet.

We change scene and find ourselves in the middle of a birthday party for one of Gru's girls. The villain has just "fired" a lovely pink unicorn from his freeze beam rifle that he gives to little Agnes, the birthday boy. We then find him intent on roasting at the barbecue while he tries to defend himself from the appointments organized by the petulant Jillian, who would like at all costs to get him engaged to one of her friends. The minions enliven the party with improbable dances and magic shows.

Secret Agent Lucy Wilde - Despicable Me 2
Lucy Wilde
ï ¿½ Illumination Entertainment / Universal Pictures

After the party though Gru makes a singular encounter and she is not one of Jillian's grotesque friends. A slim and confident redhead introduces herself as an agent of the Anti-active League. The two compete with unconventional weapons, including a very effective electrifying lipstick. The secret agent Lucy Wilde he captures Gru and loads him into his car. To say that the car is versatile is an understatement. In fact, falling off a pier, it turns into a submarine that boldly dodges schools of fish and lightning bolts on the seabed. Hilarious the scene of the octopus that, clinging to the windshield is literally slapped by the wipers.

Gru wakes up in a sort of submarine base and is welcomed, as well as by the eclectic Lucy, by the director of the Anti-active League, Silas Ramschiappa, who asks him to collaborate with them. The mission is to find the villain of the moment who stole the transmuting serum. Only a villain, in fact, can understand how another villain thinks and acts. Gru refuses, asserting that by now he no longer has anything to do with certain environments and that he has become a family man and producer of fruit jellies.

Here he turns his back and heads for the exit, but when he opens the door he finds himself in the middle of the sea with a small boat in front of him. Lucy gives him a business card with a look that says a lot about the continuation of their relationship. Gru rows with two minions to his house where he finds his little girls who he looks after just like a good father. He puts them to bed and checks that everything is alright.

Crane with one of the orphans - Despicable Me 2
Crane dressed as a fairy - Despicable Me 2
ï ¿½ Illumination Entertainment / Universal Pictures

Meanwhile, little Agnes wants to have a new mom and asks Gru why she doesn't even want to go on a date with Jillian's friends. Here is an interesting and fun glimpse of Gru's mysterious past that is shown to us as a flash back. We see a child Crane who, with a flower in his hand, would like to give it to a little girl, but as soon as he touches her to get her attention, he is laughed at and isolated from the whole group. and that seems to have been the trauma that triggered her aversion to dating.

Meanwhile, in the former den of the former villain, all the minions are engaged in the production of fruit jellies assisted by Dr. Nefario. Gru tastes a jelly and the taste is really disgusting. Nefario confides in Gru that he wants to leave his job at his service having received a new job offer from another bad guy, more in keeping with his nature. Gru reluctantly lets him go and, aware of the failure of his initiative to make jellies, accepts the job as a secret agent. Indeed he will have to infiltrate, together with Lucy, in a shopping center, where traces of the serum have been detected and, together with his partner, undercover, he will have to unmask the criminal behind the case.

The girls are thrilled. Gru and Lucy take their places in their sweet shop Bake my day and begin to look closely at all possible suspects. The first on the list, especially for Gru is Eduardo P rez, manager of the Mexican restaurant Salsa y salsa. His way of doing does not convince the former villain and indeed, it reminds him a lot of an old acquaintance of his, a very bad guy called El macho who had disappeared twenty years earlier inside a crater and whose body had never been found.

The Minions - Despicable Me 2
The Minions
ï ¿½ Illumination Entertainment / Universal Pictures

Another suspect is the owner of the wig shop Floyd Aquila-san where, during an inspection by Gru, traces of the serum are found. The minions, having failed the idea of ​​the jelly factory, revel in total idleness. At the shopping center Margot meets a charming little boy, Antonio, who turns out to be Eduardo's son. Gru is jealous and worried about the sympathy that arises between the two. At the party of May 5th, held in the shopping center, between sauces and guacamole, Gru confirms his suspicions about Eduardo.

Meanwhile, many minions had been captured by a large ice cream van that had sucked them all away, we will discover a few minutes later that they are in a magnificent Caribbean beach between the notes of "In the summer time" and Bob Marley's reggae. But why were they transported there? Gru tries to convince the director of the Anti-active League that the criminal is Eduardo himself, alias El Macho, but the accusations leveled against his son also lead both the director and Lucy to believe that there is a strong personal component in wanting to have them arrested.

In fact, shortly after, Gru meets the agents of the Anti-active League who they capture poor Floyd Aquila-san, blatantly framed to make him look guilty. Gru is relieved of office and Lucy is moved to Australia, but the two soon realize they are in love.
Events precipitate, Lucy is kidnapped and Gru realizes her suspicions are well founded. In fact, El Macho shows him his true intentions, with the help of Dr. Nefario, who has been hired by him. The Mexican wants to conquer the world and asks Gru to participate. Seeing the hesitant man, he puts a minion-monster at his ribs, poor Kevin, transformed like everyone else by the serum. The sequence of the film begins with close action worthy of a real action movie. Gru fights against El Macho, while Lucy is tied to a rocket directed towards the mouth of a volcano. Speakers Dr. Nefario and the girls who with an antidote make the minions return to normal.

The rest of the film is all to be savored until the end which, of course, will be happy and with a somewhat predictable twist on the notes of YMCA by the Village people. Excellent characterization of agent Lucy, a martial arts expert who oscillates between Inspector Gadget, James Bond and Lucy Liu of the Charlie s Angels. An hour and a half of guaranteed fun.


All names, images and trademarks are copyright Illumination Entertainment and Universal Picture and of the right holders and are used here exclusively for information and information purposes.

Original title: Despicable Me 2
Country: USA
Year: 2013
Genre: Animation
Duration: 98 '
Directed by: Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud

Production: Illumination Entertainment
Distribution: Universal Pictures Italia
Release date: October 10, 2013 (cinema)

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