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How to Train Your Dragon
How to Train Your Dragon

Hic the young Viking protagonistFrom the creators of "Shrek","Madagascar" is "Kung Fu Pandacomes "How to Train Your Dragon," an adventure comedy set in a mythical world populated by burly Vikings and fire-breathing dragons; based on the book by Cressida Cowell, the film tells the story of Viking teenager Hic, who lives on the The island of Berk, where fighting dragons is a way of life.The young Viking's rather progressive opinion and his sense of humor do not reconcile, however, with the ideals of his tribe and his leader, as well as his father , Stoick the Huge When Hic is included in the "anti-dragon course" with the other young Vikings Astrid , Snotlout , Fishlegs and the twins Brute Head and Tufo Head - Hic sees a chance to demonstrate that he possesses the necessary qualities to be a fighter.When he meets (and befriends) a wounded dragon, his world and his beliefs are turned upside down, and what began as an opportunity to prove his worth turns into a opportunity to establish a No Corsican egg for the future of his entire tribe.

The immense Stoick. Hic's fatherIn the film adaptation of "How to Train Your Dragon," the worlds of Vikings and dragons have their own separate domains, but when they collide, as they often do, the result is explosive and destructive. It is in the midst of this world that we meet the young Hic, the only son of the Stoick tribe chief, who, despite his attempts, fails to adapt to this state of affairs. In fact, whenever he tries to win the favor of his father or villagers, the results are always disastrous. To keep him out of the fray and hopefully avoid further damage, Hic, emblem of the ridiculous Viking, is assigned as an apprentice in the workshop of Gobber Ruttans, the village blacksmith and Stoick's confidant. Despite his love for his son, Stoick the Immense always feels the weight of shame in the eyes of the village as he sees Hic, his only heir, wholly unfit to become a Viking, much less to become one day the chief of the tribe. Hic's intelligence is underestimated and his lack of muscle is seen as an insurmountable flaw.

The final battle is the climax of the film. We find Hic and Toothless flying up and down in the sky, in the midst of the greatest battle Berk Island has ever seen - possibly the greatest battle DreamWorks animation has ever made. During the protagonist's ascent, Hic leaps out of a single giant pillar of fire. "How to Train Your Dragon" is not only the 3D story of Hic and Toothless, but also the breathtaking photography, the camera movements and the angles are among the most successful and appreciated realizations of the entire project, the work of Otto times Oscar �, Roger Deakins,





Rarer and more intelligent species of dragons, the Night Fury is distinguished by its dark color and piercing yellow eyes, as well as its small size, strong chest and short neck. Possessing the largest wing-to-body ratio of all dragons, it can fly higher, faster, and longer than any other dragon, and the incredible ratio of its power to weight makes it capable of take off vertically. Now, all the grace the Night Fury has in the air translates to clumsiness on the ground. Its unconventional fire (a semi-solid mass manifesting itself as a flame of acetylene and oxygen) causes its victim to explode instantly. His typical attack mode is performed after dark and from a great height - enveloped by his wings, he swoops down like a bullet, stops at the last moment to throw a precise and explosive fire ... and then vanishes in the darkness. The only warning is the ballistic noise this Night Fury makes. His kamikaze attack, coupled with his cautious demeanor and analytical mind, make the Night Fury a devastating foe with an extraordinary success rate. To date, no Night Fury has ever been shot down.


Don't be fooled, because Deadly Hooked which is beautifully colored - exhibits vivid and varied tropical colors like a parrot's - is also extremely dangerous. He is fickle, aggressive and has a quick-tempered and explosive temper, made even worse by his frivolous vanity. It has two different ways of attacking: it can exhale pure magnesium (the hottest dragon fire) from a distance of hundreds of meters; and can launch a load of lethal hook spikes with a flick of the tail. This, coupled with the fact that its danger on the ground is greater than that in the air, makes it one of the most difficult dragons to fight against. Supported by fast-moving muscular legs, he can also wave the tips of his body and defend himself with his powerful beak. Its head functions like a battering ram, the ancient siege machine capable of knocking down everything but the most solid walls and doors. His weak point is vision - since his eyes are on the sides of his head, the Mortal Hook has a huge blind spot right in front of him.


The flagship of the dragon species, the Hideous Nightmare is, to see it, the most terrifying and iconic of the dragons known. The Hideous Nightmare, usually red and black, is violent, stubborn and tenacious; he is the first to arrive and the last to leave a battle. He is gifted with exceptionally good eyesight and extendable wings that make him appear even larger and more intimidating to his enemies. He can attack on the ground (by clinging to walls and using his giant mouth and long horns from close range) as well as in the air - though his huge wings slow him down and his size makes him an easy target. This is offset by his spike armor and his most effective weapon, a kerosene gel fire. This heavy, sticky fire coats surfaces and seeps through cracks and channels, making it nearly impossible to put out. His strategy is to cover himself with fire from nose to tail and attack the enemy as he burns.


The Gronkio is distinguished by its sturdy body and relatively small wings that can flap very quickly, making it capable of flying backwards and sideways. The Gronkio loves to sleep, and can sometimes be seen dozing in flight or piled on top of its mates to create a giant cluster of sleeping dragons. He divides his day like this: Flying 1%. Eating 5%. Complain 10%. Sleeping 84%. When attacking, the Gronkio crushes and hits enemies with its extendable tail which ends up in a club-shaped ball; or use his head like a ram. But it is his fire that is deadly - hundreds of pounds of ingested rocks dissolved together to become lava that is mixed with oxygen (from the breath) and launched like a flaming cannon at his attackers. His Achilles heel is his terrible sight that sometimes confuses the rocks for his eggs ... and then he sits on them, waiting for them to hatch.


The Horrifying Bizippo, the strangest of dragons, is easy to spot (and it's easy to imagine where it got its name from) - just look at its two heads on two separate necks that can zip together like a zip. It is the longest dragon, but it also has the smallest wings, as well as short, stubby legs - so it's not very good in the air nor really effective on the ground. But that doesn't matter, because his unusual attack is particularly lethal. Instead of emitting fire, one head produces a flammable gas while the other ignites it with a spark. This is why it can attack from far away places, with gas seeping into corners and crevices before being ignited. His physical defects and dull mind contributed to the near extinction of this beast. Its greatest strength - the two heads - is also its greatest weakness, because the two separate and limited minds are often at odds, making this dragon vulnerable and always in a stalemate. Likewise, multiple Vikings can confuse and defeat him. Bizippo's males often cheer themselves on themselves until they explode - females are more reasonable and live longer.

Of all known dragons, the Terrible Terror is both the shortest in stature and the most numerous. Even if he travels in packs, instead of focusing on creating a common attack plan, he loses the advantage of his vast numbers with continuous and constant internal struggles. This makes these dragons ineffective in battle, so instead of hunting for food, they seek it out in the trash. Since it cannot fly great distances, the Terrible Dread attaches itself to larger dragons to be transported for free. The very high reproductive rate of this dragon and its non-provocative attitude towards humans have allowed it to thrive, despite its defects. Although, according to reports, there are thousands of Terrors, it is difficult to see them - some Vikings have never seen one in their life.


Although universally considered the Lord of all dragons, in reality, of the Red Death, the Midgard Serpent, little is known, but this is what it is believed: A Red Death lives 2000 years and lays 3000 eggs just before dying. when the eggs hatch, the newborn dragons fight and kill each other until there is only one dominant dragon left - legend has it that this fight can last as long as a hundred years. Some believe their fight to the death is actually a fight for territory, and that the last victor reigns over the center of the world while the few survivors are exiled to distant regions. This could explain the legends of giant snakes that exist all over the world, in distant places such as China, Africa and Russia. Unlike other dragons, a Red Death can live his entire life in a cave, feeding on the food his underlings bring him - so it's no surprise that it's so hard to find. Of course, if he's hungry and looking for food, he might be the one to find you.

"How to Train Your Dragon" is produced by Bonnie Arnold ("Toy Story", "Tarzan", "The Gang Del Bosco"), written by Will Davies and Dean DeBlois & Chris Sanders (Lilo & Stitch "," Mulan "), and based on the book by Cressida Cowell DreamWorks Animation SKG Presents "How to Train Your Dragon", created by Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation in collaboration with Intru 3D-Movie with the voices of Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz -Plasse, Kristen Wiig and TJ Miller. The film is directed by Chris Sanders & Dean DeBlois. The screenplay is by Will Davies and Dean DeBlois & Chris Sanders. Producer is Bonnie. Arnold. Executive producers are Kristine Belson and Tim Johnson.

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Original title: 
How to Train Your Dragon
3D animation - Fantasy
98 '
Directed by: 
Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders
Official site: 
DreamWorks Animation, Mad Hatter Entertainment, Mad Hatter Films, Vertigo Entertainment
Exit date: 
26 March 2010


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