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Frozen the ice kingdom

Elsa - Frozen
Elsa from Frozen XNUMX
ï ¿½ Walt Disney Animation Studios
Anna - Frozen
Anna the princess
ï ¿½ Walt Disney Animation Studios

Disney doesn't miss a beat, but this is now well known. With the new animation, Frozen the kingdom of ice, the American giant is preparing to ring yet another success. The film, released in the USA on November 27, will arrive in Italian cinemas just during the Christmas holidays, the 19 December 2013. Directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, who is also the screenwriter, they guarantee 108 minutes of pure fun, spiced with notes of romance and action.

The first scene of the film opens on a frozen lake, where mighty workers work ice cubes. Here a little Kristoff wanders with his reindeer Sven. Meanwhile, Arandelle's two princesses, Elsa, the eldest, and Anna, play and have fun thanks to Elsa's extraordinary cryokinetic powers, that is, she creates snow and ice. Between one laugh and another, however, Elsa hits little Anna with her ray of ice who falls unconscious to the ground and with a white lock in her red hair. The king and queen rush to the girls. Anna is brought by the trolls, the only ones able to help her. Pabbie, their leader, is forced to erase Anna's memories in order to save her life and adds that if she were shot in the heart there would be no escape for her.

Elsa, upset by feelings of guilt, does not know how to give herself peace. The king and queen decide to keep the two girls locked up in the castle until Elsa is able to control her powers, in the meantime no one will know about this peculiarity.

The years pass and the two girls, separated by Elsa's fear of hurting her sister, move away, but in reality Anna, who having forgotten everything does not understand the behavior of her older sister, continually seeks contact with her. In vain. Elsa is too afraid. The rulers go on a journey, but during a storm their boat is swallowed by the waves. Three years later Elsa, upon reaching the age of majority, is crowned as queen. Anna is very excited, finally the doors of the castle will open, there will be refreshments and, perhaps, she will also find love. No sooner said than done. The lively princess, full of enthusiasm and vitality, stumbles upon a good-looking young man, giving life to one of the first, very nice gags. The young man is none other than Hans, prince of the southern islands.

Prince Hans - Frozen
Prince Hans
ï ¿½ Walt Disney Animation Studios

Something seems to have clicked between the two, but it's late. Anna runs to the coronation ceremony. Elsa, when she is forced to take off her gloves, the only way to be able to contain her powers, contrary to her fears, manages not to combine damage. Let's party. Anna is forced by her sister to dance with an old and grotesque businessman, the Duke of Weselton, a character to keep under control in the course of the film. The two girls seem to have found part of their intimacy again, until the naive Anna asks Elsa for a blessing to be able to marry Prince Hans.

The queen objects, saying that she cannot have fallen in love in a few hours and denies consent. Anna interprets the gesture as yet another refusal of her sister and the discussion comes alive to the point of altering Elsa that she loses control of her powers in front of all the guests. The distraught woman runs away from the castle and at every step the cold and frost take over the kingdom of Arandelle. Anna, realizing her mistake, runs after her older sister on horseback. Elsa climbs the northern mountain and builds her ice palace. This is one of the most beautiful scenes of the whole film, also thanks to the song, the main music of the film, Let it go, At dawn it will rise in the Italian version played by an extraordinary Serena Autieri.

Kristoff - Frozen
ï ¿½ Walt Disney Animation Studios

Finally Elsa is free to express her personality without having to lie. But this, sadly, brought eternal winter to the little kingdom. While searching for her sister, Anna runs into numerous, as well as comic, unexpected events. He rolls in the snow, falls into a stream and heads for a shelter shop with his completely frozen suit. Here he makes his first meeting with the mountaineer Kristoff, now a handsome young man, albeit a little rough, and with the reindeer Sven. Here too there is no shortage of ironic gags where the lively and sparkling character of the young princess is better outlined.

The girl asks Kristoff to accompany her to the north mountain where Elsa is. The two leave the same night on the boy's sleigh. However, they are attacked by a pack of wolves which they get rid of with a daring escape in which they lose their sled. Despite this, they arrive in the forest below the mountain. The scenery becomes magical, made spectacular by high-level 3D graphics. In the woods the young people meet a snowman, Olaf, and here too there is room for lots of laughs. The puppet had been built by the two girls before the accident and now, thanks to Elsa's magic, it had come to life. As tender and innocent as a child, it is precisely with that perpetually amazed look that the puppet Olaf looks at the world, with disenchantment and desire to discover.

Olaf - Frozen
ï ¿½ Walt Disney Animation Studios

"I'm Olaf and I like hugs," the puppet says candidly. It is certainly the most successful character of the film, a co-star that one could not do without. Accompanied by Olaf, the boys arrive at Elsa's ice palace. Anna comes in alone to talk to her sister. The joy, mixed with unrest, of the queen is perceived. Happy to see her sister, however, she is forced to send her away. Anna reveals to her that the kingdom of Arandelle, because of her, is under a blanket of snow. Sadly, Elsa realizes that she will never really be free from this "curse" of hers. However, he admits he doesn't know what to do to bring summer back to the kingdom. Anna insists that he return with her and the queen loses control again, accidentally hitting her sister, this time in the heart.

In Anna's hair the white lock reappears, but this time bigger. Kristoff rescues the girl, while Elsa, terrified by what she has done, creates a snow monster that chases the young people from the palace. Meanwhile, in Arandelle Castle, the Duke of Weselton plots against the Queen, instigating Prince Hans to take over the kingdom. But the young man just wants to find his Anna. Worried, he gets on his horse and takes with him some men of Weselton, instructed by their lord, and sets off in search of the princess. Once at the ice palace, the clash with Elsa is inevitable. The queen is captured and imprisoned in the castle of Arendelle. Meanwhile, Kristoff takes Anna to what she believes to be her family, the trolls. Once again Pabbie visits the girl.

Kristoff - Frozen
Kristoff and Sven
ï ¿½ Walt Disney Animation Studios

This time the sentence is dramatic. Anna has a frozen heart and will die becoming an ice statue if she is not saved by an act of true love. Kristoff then thinks of taking her back to the palace to Prince Hans. The latter, however, not only does not kiss her, but locks her up. In fact, he too plots with the Duke, because having many brothers he would never have been king if not marrying an heir princess. Excluding Elsa, he then turned to Anna, deceiving her. The girl's hair is now all white. But Olaf arrives and lights the fire in the room and warms the young woman, while he begins to melt.

Elsa escapes from prison, chased by the prince who, meanwhile, had told his subjects that Anna, struck by her sister, was dead. Blamed for treason, Elsa was to be convicted. Anna escapes from the castle with Olaf and goes in search of Kristoff, having realized that his is true love and therefore hoping to be saved. However, events precipitate. Anna finds herself on a long expanse of frozen sea, on one side Kristoff, who can save her, on the other Elsa, prostrate on the ground in pain because Hans had lied to her too about her fate.

Hans wields his sword and is about to kill Elsa, but Anna rushes to his rescue, stands between his sister and the blade of the sword and, becoming ice, saves the queen. The happy ending, however, is not long in coming.

The film is yet another Disney animated masterpiece. The plot is simple and the narration develops in a linear way, easily understandable even by the little ones. Good feelings prevail over negative ones and love for family plays a fundamental role in the story. Funny gags, animation and extraordinary music make the film a Christmas success to see, and review, with the whole family.

Frozen poster - The Ice Kingdom
Original title: 
3d animation
108 '
Directed by: 
Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy
Exit date: 
December 19, 2013


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