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Frozen 2 - The secret of Arendelle

Frozen 2 - The secret of Arendelle
Frozen 2 - The secret of Arendelle

Original title: Frozen 2
Directed by:
Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck
Characters: Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven
Production: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Distribution: Walt Disney Pictures
: United States
Exit date: November 27, 2019 at the cinema
Gender: Animation, fantastic
Recommended age: Movies for everyone

Directed and produced by the Oscar-winning creative team , directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck and producer Peter Del Vecho, the highly anticipated new animated Disney film Frozen 2 is Arendelle's Secret will soon arrive in theaters and will see the return, in the Italian version, of Serena Autieri, Serena Rossi, Enrico Brignano and Paolo De Santis to give voice to the beloved protagonists Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff, while the music will once again be signed by Oscar-winning composers Kristen Anderson - Lopez and Robert Lopez.

Queen Elsa, her sister Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven embark on a new journey beyond their homeland of Arendelle to discover the origin of Elsa's ice powers and save their kingdom.

Frozen 2 - The secret of Arendelle


The numbers speak for themselves: $ 400 million in North America; $ 890 million outside the United States.; $ 1,28 billion at the box office worldwide. The first Frozen film, released for the Christmas holidays in December 2013, was a resounding success like Disney had never seen.

After countless costumes, disguises, tickets for musical performances, toys, dolls and castles sold in the last five years or so, an indelible mark has been left in the collective imagination of children all over the world. For this reason, the undertaking of the sequel Frozen 2 seemed to the producers a very difficult challenge to overcome, but it was a feat that director Jennifer Lee could not wait to do.

"I was really moved to visit the places, where Hans Christian Andersen was inspired by everything that was available, and we really got to expand from there," says Lee, who became Head Creative at Walt Disney Animation in June. of 2018 after the departure of John Lasseter. “When people think of Elsa they think of ice, but Iceland was founded mainly by the Scandinavian people and brought with it the myths of Old Norse. It was wonderful to be able to travel to see these areas which this time inspired the stories. "

Lee says those classic myths were like a playground for her. "I wanted them to appear and have this connection between the ancient Norse myths and Elsa and Anna", he adds."So it got bigger when we were developing the story. This is a story about Elsa and Anna, and Elsa is a woman who carries the weight of the kingdom on her shoulders. This is the heart. It's about Elsa, her sister, and her struggling with her power as she grows up. "

While members of the creative team traveled to Scandinavia for further research, Lee found an important distinction between the sisters who helped frame everything that goes on for the sequel: Elsa is clearly a mythical hero facing the world and the world problems with supernatural powers, while Anna is a human fairy-tale heroine, who lives in a world surrounded by magic, but does not possess magic by herself.

Lee explains: `` Once I understood this, a lot of things fell into place, and the path for each character - what their needs and desires are, what kind of fate they might have in the end - seemed to make sense. So, it helped all of us in our conversations about who these characters are becoming on their journey, as the song "Into the Unknown" goes.

Adds director Chris Buck: "Compared to the previous film there are several points still unfinished. What has changed? What needs to be addressed? Elsa is back, she is the queen of Arendelle, but now? She was hiding and living in fear. Things now they are different because people have accepted it. We wondered, who will be next to her? She still has these powers that she doesn't fully understand, or she understands why she has them. "

While the first Frozen movie was so deeply connected to the idea of ​​winter and ice, the sequel has a completely autumnal color palette meant to mean Elsa and Anna embarking on a journey into a whole new realm where Elsa's powers and her Anna's faith will be tested. That trek brings audiences to meet two new supernatural characters: the Nokk, an aquatic spirit that has been seen in many of the early trailers, and Gale, who revolves around beloved characters, as he teases and plays with them.

For the film's animators, Becky Bresee and Tony Smeed, having such identifiable and deeply loved characters meant keeping the look consistent, but also incorporating changes and updates.

"In each film, even if we know the characters and had the equipment from the first film, there is still a lot to think about"says Bresee. “We had to completely rebuild the characters knowing what we know now. And because we could do it, we knew there were some things that were difficult the first time around, maybe just because of the rig and the way we were moving it. So, just little things we learned in the first movie that we managed to bring into the new movie. "

Box office

Frozen 2 - The secret of Arendelle


As expected, the new adventure of Elsa and Anna in Arendelle on the big screen, between 23-24 November 2019, received a great consensus from the public in the countries where it has already been screened. The sequel Frozen II in its first weekend of screening, has already grossed $ 223,2 million from 37 international markets, ousting the highest-grossing animated opening title. Ice Age 3 - Dawn of the Dinosaurs , which in 2009 had earned $ 151,7 million.

Frozen II was the most watched film in every country and surpassed the successes of previous Disney or Pixar films in China, Japan, Spain, Germany and other countries, as well as setting opening records for animated films in France, the United Kingdom, Poland, Indonesia, Malaysia and others.

We will see how his reception will be for this weekend, in Italian cinemas (out on November 28) and in the remaining countries such as Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Trinidad, Chile and Venezuela.


Images of the film Frozen 2 - The secret of Arendelle

Frozen 2 - The secret of ArendelleFrozen 2 - Arendelle's secret

Frozen 2 - The secret of Arendelle
Frozen 2 - The secret of Arendelle

Frozen 2 - The secret of Arendelle
Frozen 2 - The secret of Arendelle

Frozen 2 - The secret of Arendelle
Frozen 2 - The secret of Arendelle

Video trailer of the film Frozen 2 - The secret of Arendelle

Frozen 2 - Arendelle's Secret "In the Unknown" (2019)


Frozen 2 - Arendelle's Secret | New Official Italian Trailer (2019)

Frozen 2 - Arendelle's Secret | New Official Italian Trailer (2019)

Frozen 2 - Arendelle's Secret | New Official Italian Trailer (2019)



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