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Garfield the super cat - 3d

Garfield the 3d super catThe World of Cartoons meets the World of Comics in this interdimensional adventure, starring the laziest and most famous cat in the world, Garfield.

Nothing and no one in the entire universe was ever able to persuade Garfield to do anything other than eat or doze, until the day a fitness super cat named Garzooka stormed into his world bringing catastrophic news: a super villain from the World of Comics is determined to conquer the universe.

The evil super-heroine Vetvix, in fact, attacked the planet Dorkon and stole an invention that would make her capable of conquering and subduing both the world of comics and that of cartoons. This fearsome weapon is actually a molecular level mixer (also called Moscram gun) which, by hitting something with its rays, can mix together the molecules of any two objects - or even any two people! The unfortunates who are Moscram-mixed inevitably fall under the control of the one who hit them with the Moscram pistol, reducing themselves to zombies without any personal will. To load the gun, however, Vetvix desperately needs the Klopman crystal that Garzooka stole and with which he escaped to the World of Cartoons. Vetrix is ​​on the trail of Garzooka and, if he were to manage to take possession of the crystal, all the inhabitants of the World of Cartoons would also be in grave danger: once hit by the Moscram rays, they would inevitably become his slaves.

All of this could be avoided if Garfield could find the will, and the strength, to join his alter ego (the superhero Garzooka) in a fierce and inevitable battle to save the two worlds. Will our super afternoon nap expert be able to forget, or even set aside for a short time, his delicious snacks to join an honored cause? Certainly the frenetic life of the superhero appears as an insurmountable effort for Garfield, who will try with all his might to ignore any call to duty, but when he realizes that all his companions are in grave danger, the our yawning champion will instinctively abandon his armor of apathy and will learn that the impossible can really be done if everyone is in solidarity, and joins forces with those of the sleeping superhero inside each of them.


Garfield the 3d super catGARFIELD
the lazy, fat and cynical protagonist of the comic of the same name. With an appetite that cannot be measured by conventional parameters, and a heart twice the size of his stomach, Garfield is an unpunished and indolent bachelor of soft-hearted cat. He lives in the World of Cartoons with his faithful friend Odie, his owner Jon and with his girlfriend, Arlene, who deserves a few measured attentions. Garfield pursues a sleepy and peaceful life ideal, carefully trying to avoid anything that is minimally complicated, or requires any kind of effort (his idea of ​​a challenge, in fact, is to open a jar of cucumbers, in order to garnish his twenty hot dogs). He has a passion for lasagna, coffee and above all for the TV remote control! When a superhero and a supervillain from the Comic World rush to break the idyllic equilibrium of his world, Garfield is extremely reluctant to join the battle, but will have to choose between continuing to take his siesta or throwing himself on the front line battle to save the World of Cartoons from the looming threat. When he sees his friends in grave danger, Garfield will have to surrender to the motto: "A cat can make a difference".

Garzooka - Garfield the 3d super catGARZOOKA
Garzooka is a superhero from the World of Comics (not to be confused with the World of Cartoons) who strikingly resembles Garfield. But although the two share the same traits and DNA, Garzooka is everything Garfield is not: noble, brave, hard-working and athletically fit. While Garfield is all yawning, Garzooka is all biceps! Garzooka is the leader of the Pet Force; a hero among heroes, a brave and daring super cat, who fights for the good of the universe and firmly believes in the maxim: "A cat can make a difference". His secret weapons are powerful gamma-ray furballs that he skillfully `` wields '', hurling them at great speed at his archenemies. Garzooka leads the superhero group consisting of Starlena, Odious and Abnermal (who have great resemblance to Arlene, Odie and Nermal). When his companions are knocked out by Vetvix, Garzooka flees to the World of Cartoons to find characters who have the same DNA as their own, in order to recompose his superhero team and defeat Vetvix. Garzooka is a super cat who never backs down in the face of a challenge. Not even in the face of what seems the most difficult: convincing Garfield to engage in the battle to save the World of Cartoons.

Arlene - Garfield the 3d super catARLENE
It is probably the closest thing to a girlfriend that Garfield has ever had, but Garfield is so busy admiring himself that he barely notices her. Arlene has learned over time to live with her boyfriend's proverbial laziness, but she can't help but be bothered by it from time to time, often reminding him that "anything worth doing requires effort". But now Arlene has been chosen to save the universe and it is time for her to be the protagonist. Will she be able together with the Pet Force to save the world and, having reached that goal, will Garfield finally notice her? When Garzooka arrives with the fluid that can transform her, Nermal and Odie into superheroes, Arlene decides, even if hesitant, to keep faith with her beliefs and drinks it all in one gulp.

Starlene - Garfield the 3d super catSTARLENA
Arlene in superheroine version. A super-curvy cat, bursting with confidence from every hair, she has a great magnetism and personal strength that she expresses through her most effective secret weapon: an icy gaze that freezes enemies, paralyzing them. Starlena has great agility and superhuman determination, which make her capable of performing complicated and dangerous stunts, even when sheathed in her sexy superhero outfit. a prominent fighter within the Pet Force group and stands out for her dedication and great contribution to the cause.

Odie - Garfield the 3d super catHATES
Odie is Garfield's closest friend: an adorable, playful and completely nutty little dog. Even though Garfield would not be able to admit it, Odie has a heart of gold and stoically endures all the mischief and little mischief Garfield continually does towards her. But now that Vetvix has decided to take over the world, Odie has to unleash her grit and join our superheroes. Will Odie with a heart of gold and disarming ingenuity be able to put on superhero boots, sharpen his sweet canines and join the Pet Force to save the world of Cartoons?

Odious - Garfield the 3d super catodious
The athletic Odious, the zealous defender of the Pet Force crusade, is actually Odie in a superhero version. With a powerful tongue that stuns opponents and a black hole instead of a brain, Odious is a decisive element within the Pet Force. Although completely nutty like his alter ego Odie, Odious is virtually invulnerable: he possesses incredible super strength and steely determination.

Nermal - Garfield the 3d super catNermal
Nermal is the most graceful cat in the world, a sweet and harmless cat who does not want, for any reason, to disturb or annoy Garfield. This is why he is strongly hated by our protagonist, also because he continually reminds him of the difference between them. Nermal is undoubtedly the number one fan of Pet Force comics: he collects every issue and dreams of one day becoming a superhero. When Vetvix lands in the World of Cartoons with a plan to subjugate anyone to his will, Nermal finally has the chance to become the hero he always wanted to be. The smallest member of the Pet Force, in fact, would never want to be taken for a flea, or considered insignificant: for this Nermal will have to concentrate and bring out all his secret gifts. Will Nermal the microbe be able to transform into a powerful superhero and curb the evil plans of Vetvix?

Abnermal - Garfield the 3d super catABNERMAL
Abnermal, the smallest member of the Pet Force, certainly cannot be judged by his size. This swift and dynamic purple monster is a space cadet as tall as a cork, but armed with incredible acceleration power and an ability to harass opponents of cosmic proportions. In fact, Abnermal moves at the speed of light, which makes him the most effective disturbing element within the group. Perhaps it does not equal the other components in stature or power, but it is decisive in destabilizing the opponent and distracting him at the right moment. It is effective, unpredictable and does not miss a beat. All at a supersonic speed, which confuses and disarms the opponent.

Vetvix - Garfield the 3d super catVETVIX
Vetvix is ​​the villain of history. Beautiful, sexy, ambitious and always angry and has only one thing in mind: to dominate the universe. Accompanied by her loyal guard dog Henchmen who protects her from any threat, she arrives on the planet Dorkon to steal the molecular mixer beam (the Moscram gun) with the intent of enslaving all the inhabitants of Dorkon. When Garzooka steals the gun crystal and escapes to the World of Cartoons, Vetvix then decides to extend his egomaniacal lust for domination to this planet as well.

Emperor Jon - Garfield the 3d super catTHE EMPEROR JON
Emperor Jon is the monarch of Dorkon. The sovereign is very worried that his royal lineage may become extinct if he does not find a wife as soon as possible. But like his cartoon alter ego, Jon Arbuckle, the monarch realizes he's too maniacal and nutty for even any Darkon woman.

Professor Wally - Garfield the 3d super catPROFESSOR WALLY
Professor Wally is a brilliant scientist of the planet Dorkon, inventor of the Moscram ray gun, a molecular mixer. Professor Wally is the emperor's official advisor and also his most trusted friend. Like his alter ego in the World of Cartoons Wally, Professor Wally is an extremely rational and reliable character. But it must not be excessively provoked because, under the calm and staid appearance, Professor Wally hides nerves of steel.

Garfield 3d
Original title: 
Garfield 3D
USA and South Korea
Comic 3d animation
73 '
Directed by: 
Mark AZ Dipp
Voices:Garfield / Garzooka - Marco Mete
Arlene / Starlena - Ilaria Latini
Odie / Odious - Gianfranco Miranda
Vetvix - Roberta Pellini
Nermal / Abnermal - Daniele Raffaeli
Professor Wally - Luigi Ferraro
Imp. Jon - Stefano Crescentini
Eli - Roberto Pedicini
Betty - Monica Bertolotti
Charles - Oliviero Dinelli
Donita - Marta Altinier
Punta - Roberto Draghetti
newsagent - Massimiliano Alto
Animation Picture Company, Davis Entertainment, Paws
Exit : 
01 June 2011


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