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Garfield the movie

Garfield the movieIf you want to relax and have fun with a carefree film, you should not miss "Garfield the film" which will be released in cinemas on September 24, directed by Peter Hewitt. The film is based on the famous humorous cartoon character created by Jim Davis in 1978, whose strips have been published in 11 countries. Garfield the film takes full advantage of the 3D computer graphics animation technique regarding the main character of Garfield, a cat more similar to his cartoon characterization, than to a real cat as was the case for the film. Scooby-Doo. Garfield is a character who embodies all the classic defects of common cats, such as opportunism and laziness. Garfield the movieHis main occupations are to lounge in front of the TV, to eat in large quantities and to play with his teddy bear. But what amuses most of this character are his jokes and his sometimes a little cynical sarcasm. In the Italian edition Garfield is beautifully voiced by Fiorello. The story tells of the cat Garfield, spoiled and pampered by his beloved owner, Mr. Jon Arbuckle who one day, despite Garfield's disapproval, decides to bring a puppy into the house that he will call Odie. Garfield the movieObviously the cat Garfield feels his privilege threatened and in fact, Mr. Jon spares no cuddles and cares for the tender puppy, neglecting poor Garfield. Garfield goes to great lengths to make life impossible for the hated dog, but he can do nothing against Mr. Jon's attentions. Garfield's attitude towards Odie changes when the little dog is kidnapped by an evil dog trainer. Garfield the movieAt this point of the film the adventurous part will enter, in fact Garfield, feeling responsible for what happened, overcomes his proverbial laziness and sets out in search of the mafactor, in the company of a city rat. Seeing Garfield at this juncture will be a full-blown spectacle, as his humor will be enhanced by hilarious, action-packed scenes and hilarious gags full of falls, flights, dances and comedic expressions. All these exciting scenes are also thanks to the brilliant script by Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow.

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Original title: 
Garfield the movie
Comic 3d animation
86 '
Directed by: 
Peter Hewitt
John Davis
20th Century Fox
Exit : 
September 24, 2004


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