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Gnomeo and Juliet

Gnomeo and JulietThe animated film Gnomeo and Juliet will be released in cinemas on March 16, 2011, or the fairy-tale and comic parody of the famous classic of Shakespeare's literature. The narrative structure is the same: two loves hampered by the war between rival families, with the only exception that this takes place in the fantastic world of the garden gnomes. Between pink plastic flamingos and breathtaking rides with the lawnmower, will Gnomeo and Juliet be able to fulfill the dream of their life? To direct the film in 3D graphics the same director of Shrek 2, Kelly Asbury who made use of the overwhelming music of Elton John and the soundtrack of James Newton Howard and Chris Bacon.

Shakespeare's masterpiece Romeo and Juliet was completed at the end of the 1500s and tells the dramatic story of two young people in love. To date, numerous interpretations have been made: from the opera by Georg Benda of the 1700s, to the famous musical West Side Story of the 50s and to the most recent films Romeo + Juliet from 2006 as well as the Japanese anime Romeo x Juliet , reinterpreted in a science fiction style.
Now the time has come for garden gnomes to be the protagonists, who lend themselves well to transforming a drama into an ironic and bizarre comedy.
The difficulty was to create the world of gnomes as a credible reality, with characters endowed with strengths and weaknesses like all men, in order to emotionally involve the spectators and for this reason the direction was entrusted to the expert of the genre Kelly Asbury, who in addition to Shrek has also worked on other animated film masterpieces such as: Spirit Cavallo Selvaggio , Toy Story , Nightmare Before Christmas and The beauty and the Beast. In order to please a large audience, his secret, besides knowing how to wisely mix tragic and comic themes, was to be fundamentally sincere, that is, even within a fantastic world, to tell credible stories and situations. But isn't it dangerous to turn one of Shakespeare's most beloved tragedies into a comic animated film, aimed at the whole family?
Gnomeo and JulietThe story of Gnomeo and Juliet , is set in Stratford -Upon-Avon, (the hometown of William Shakespeare) and tells the war between two neighbors, Mr. Capulet and Mrs. Montague, fixed with the decorations for the garden, which they love to adorn with plastic Gnomes. In the absence of human beings, Gnomes take on a life of their own and behave in the same way as their owners. The Gnomes are also divided into two opposing factions: on one side the red gnomes and on the other the blue gnomes. This gives rise to a series of prejudices that although many do not understand, are taken as a rule to be respected. To tell this story the Gnomes were chosen, because they work well from the point of view of the colors and the joy they convey and then there is Elton John who ties it all together with an extraordinary soundtrack (which includes both original songs and classics of his repertoire and of Bernie Taupin).
Gnomeo and JulietSince everything must be sincere and credible, the difficulty of the animators was to recreate the gnomes in computer graphics, simulating the same materials they are made of, that is ceramic and plastic, which should also limit their movements and make them even more clumsy. As if that were not enough, the background of the gardens full of flowers, ornaments, colors, did not allow to bring out the already colorful characters. The further difficulty was to be able to direct the audience's gaze, in order to create a fluid and orderly narration. To solve these problems, the producers have used Starz Animation, an animation studio specializing in the most sophisticated production of CGI special effects, where people with great talent work.
Their task was to expertly mix the elements of the reality of the English residential neighborhoods, with those of pure fantasy, so that everything could seem credible.
GnomeoFor this reason, a long work of documentation has been done: from classic English gardens, to ornamental plants in order to arrive at a faithful reconstruction of the materials and their reflections in the light.
The more the animators found kitsch gardens, the more they were interested in re-creating the atmosphere, the style and the colors, so that each garden could be strongly characterized. Like Mrs. Montague's blue garden built on the theme of the wind with curved flower beds and numerous pinwheels. While the red garden of Signor Capulet is inspired by the theme of water and is characterized by heavier materials and straighter lines.
Great difficulty was encountered in the realization of the scene where Gnomeo and Juliet meet, fall in love and quarrel, because it took place inside an uncultivated garden, therefore wild and intricate.

Another characteristic and excellently realized scene is the one where Benny prepares the stratagem to avenge Gnomeo, as the raindrops that fall on the character's face, slide and highlight the quality of the graphics and animation, transmitting a strong emotion .
The final result of the film fully satisfies the original idea of ​​the producers, going beyond any wildest imagination. For this, credit must be given to the great professionalism and talent of all the artists who were gathered for the making of the film.

The poster of Gnomeo and Juliet
Original title: Gnomeo and Juliet
Country: USA
Year: 2011
Gender: 3D animation
Duration: 84 '
Directed by: Kelly Asbury
Official site:
Production:Rocket Pictures, Starz Animation, Touchstone Pictures
Distribution: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy
Exit : 16 March 2011 (cinema)
All names, images and registered trademarks are copyright Rocket Pictures, Starz Animation, Touchstone Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italia and of those entitled and are used here exclusively for informative and informative purposes.

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