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Amedeo and Laura

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Waiting for the soccer matches of the Brazilian World Cup, Thursday, May 29th, an animated film has arrived with the theme of football and in particular table football. The film was directed by director Juan Jos Campanella, nominated twice for the Oscar for best foreign film, and won the coveted statuette in 2010 with the film `` The secret of his eyes '' and later the Goya award for best Latin American film.

The history of the film

Amadeo is a young boy who has some strange friends and an equally particular ability: he is the best foosball player ever.

In the small village where he lives, there is no opponent good enough to defeat him. But Amadeo's private life is not studded with as many successes as his life as a player. He is in love with Laura, his friend since childhood, but he is so shy that he is unable to declare his love for her.


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He grows up to be the best foosball player of all time, but his life continues to give him no satisfaction. Despite his nature as a good and nice guy, he spends his time playing table football, the only thing that can make him feel important.

But one day Amadeo's routine is suddenly upset by the return of Grosso , a peer of his age who returns to the village to take revenge for a game of table football lost against Amadeo ten years earlier. His only goal, despite his well-established reputation as the best soccer player in the world, is to defeat Amadeo and take away all the things he loves: the bar where he works, his table football, his beloved Laura and even the village, to transform it into a theme park and a stadium dedicated to him.

Amedeo and Capi

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While the village is being demolished, something extraordinary happens to Amadeo: the men of his beloved and, by now, dismantled table football, come to life! They have a soul, they move and, more importantly, they can play football. Grateful to Amadeo for all the games played, for the fun and the victories won together, they are willing to do anything to help him rebuild the world he has lost. With Capi as the captain of his new team and Liso as the leader of his perennial rivals, an incredible adventure begins that will lead them to grow together as if they were one and realize that opponents can also become friends incredible. When they meet again face to face, Grosso and Amadeo have to settle their old bill but this time the match will not be played in a table football, but in a real football stadium. Amadeo will find himself having to recruit a football team from among the villagers. Thanks to Laura's help, he will be able to find 11 very special players ... but playing against Grosso's glorious team, the Galacticos, will not be an easy feat! Only the bravest, like Amadeo, can accept this challenge; a meeting with an epic flavor in which Amadeo's honor and the very future of the village are at stake. The premises are not good, his improvised team will hardly have any chance of victory against the Galacticos but, when real friends are added to the game of football, a healthy competition is. the table football men, anything can happen ... but will it be one more goal to decree the real winner?


ï ¿½ Koch Media

Production notes

Goool! It is not a film about table football, nor about football in general. A story that speaks of love, friendship and how to overcome the challenges that life presents to us. Amadeo is a shy but talented boy. He will be forced to step out of his protected environment and assemble a team of unlikely heroes intent on regaining control of their country and their people in danger. But above all, intent on defending their honor. Capi is an authoritarian and shrewd football player. With his 18 centimeters in height, the captain is a very independent character. His practical and concrete nature will be tested when he is forced to leave his foosball table, to face the real world in which all the rules of the game he knows seem not to work.

Director Juan Jos Campanella has thought of a story and a world compatible with the representation of 3D animation, which can be translated into the language of the computer and, at the same time, be a unique and original work. Obviously, modern animation must have a pace suitable for children, but this is a film for the whole family and therefore also contains elements suitable for adults. There are gags that only adults will be able to grasp, but of course that won't stop the kids watching the movie from having fun. The film is designed for the whole family, for an audience aged 6 and up.

Beto, Capi and Loco

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A shy and insecure boy, who however has a unique gift: he is unbeatable at table football. in love with Laura, but she doesn't know it.

an outgoing, fashionable and courageous girl. Amadeo's best friend. His dream is to move to a big city to study art at the university.

a talented and self-centered 'little player'. He thinks he is the number one, the football star, convinced that he is trapped in a team of mediocre players.

the absolute star of world football. a spoiled and conceited boy, a megalomaniac. He cannot bear defeats and is willing to do anything to get what he wants.

It has a big heart - in a small body - and follows the Zen philosophy. Always ready to reflect on the cosmos that none of his teammates ever understand.

the natural leader of the `` small '' striped team. He is very intelligent and has a very charming personality.

the little captain of the bordeaux team. He has a strong character and a voice that commands respect. For over twenty years he has been the archenemy of Capi.

Original title: Meteorological
Country: Argentina
Year: 2013
Gender: Entrainment
Duration: 105 '
Directed by: Juan Jos Campanella
Production:  100 Bares, 369 Productions, Antena 3 Films
Distribution: Koch Media
Exit date: May 29, 2014 at the cinema
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