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After the film Ken the warrior - The legend of Julia, on June 12th 2009 the third of the 5 films of the series will be released in cinemas: "Ken the Warrior - The legend of Raoul" (original title Rao Den Gekito no Sho). The premiere is scheduled for June 5, 2009 at the Ostia Film Fest and June 8 at the Apollo cinema in Milan.
Ken Shiro and Raoul, are the only brothers in the world to possess the secret martial arts techniques of the Hokuto school. Unlike Ken Shiro who embodies the principles of loyalty and justice, Raoul has as his sole objective the power and dominion over other human beings. After a horrendous nuclear conflict, which has brought men back to an animal level, Ken is forced to fight against his brother, to save the people from his tyranny and become Hokuto's successor. However, both will have to deal with Shu, the Water Bird, the last General of Nanto

Ken the warrior - The legend of Raul Original title: Shin ky seishu densetsu Hokuto no Ken: Ra den - Gekit no sh
Country: Japan
Year: 2007
Gender: Anime, Action
Duration: 85 '
Directed by: Toshiki Hirano
Voices:Lorenzo Scattorin, Dario Oppido, Patrizia Mottola, Sonia Mazza
Production:North Stars Pictures
Exit :June 12, 2009 (cinema)


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