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Koda bear brother

Koda, brother bear is the new animation by Walt Disney Pictures directed by Aaron Blaise and Robert Walker and distributed by Buena Vista internetional in the USA, in November 2003, and in Europe starting from March 5th 2004.
The story, set immediately after the last ice age, sees Kanhai as the protagonist, a young Inuit hunter with a major flaw: he is impulsive and self-centered, in a hurry to grow up and be accepted in the adult community. Unaware of the fact that his irresponsible actions can cause damage to others, ours seeks adventure and challenges danger just for the sake of showing off in the eyes of the greatest. This behavior will lead to the death of his older brother, Sitka.
It is an important day for Kanhai, the day when his life will take a decisive turn, as regards his own spiritual maturation. On discovering that his Guiding Spirit is Love, the young man is rather disappointed and takes this revelation with disdain; which will have dramatic consequences. Koda bear brotherIn fact, the same day, absorbed in his thoughts, Kanhai carelessly carries out the usual task of tying the freshly caught fish to the branch of a tree, in order to prevent some local animal from eating the succulent banquet. It happens that a passing bear eats fish and the young hunter, too proud and immature to recognize that he was careless, wants to kill the animal. Things immediately get bad: the bear, feeling hunted, tries to defend himself, the fight is unequal. Sitka, realizing that his brother is in trouble, intervenes by causing the ice sheet to break, where he and the bear are. Both fall into the river, but the bear, reaching the shore, escapes, while Sitka meets death. Kanhai is blinded by grief, for having caused the death of his brother, yet unable to admit his own guilt and to draw a wise lesson from this tragic story. The young Inuit, devoured by rancor, sees no other solution than revenge and sets out on the bear's trail. Denhai, the other brother tries in vain to dissuade him from this madness, so he can do nothing but follow him, so as to prevent his death as well. Once the animal has been found, one cannot pull back, following the death of the bear on top of a promontory, under the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Here we will witness an exceptional phenomenon: Nature comes alive, the lights transform into guiding spirits, including that of Sitka, the Eagle. Koda bear brotherThe latter transforms Kenhai into a bear, so that he can learn to love nature and respect it in all its forms; therefore understanding himself as an integral part of a single balance. Meanwhile he arrives in the Denhai place, some elements lead him to believe his brother dead, so with hatred mixed with desperation he lashes out at the bear, which in reality is his last brother. Kenhai, does not understand Denhai's behavior, because he has not yet realized what happened, so he runs away in pain. From this moment the young man's journey begins Koda bear brothertowards a mountain, on top of which the Northern Lights touch the earth and where he will be able to recover his human form. But much more important will be his inner journey, thanks to which Kenhai will understand the bears, reconcile himself with them, and little by little he will discover himself, his own role in life. Central will be the meeting with Koda, a small bear separated from his mother and headed for the seasonal gathering of all bears. Little Koda, with his positivity, his inexhaustible imagination, with his clear and confident gaze, will be able to teach Kenhai altruism and Love; as well as the importance of pursuing one's ideals with dedication, whatever the cost. Koda, despite being disappointed several times by the sulky bear, will not give up in front of his limits; in the end he will be able to win all his affection, make him better, a better adult Koda bear brotherFrom a content point of view, the story has an evident educational intent, which is to teach love and respect for nature in all its forms, as well as to focus one's role in harmony with the surrounding whole. The result is overall good. The psychological delineation of the characters was particularly successful. Very funny the figures of the two moose Tuke and Rutt, who teach us how beautiful it is to live in a serene and peaceful way; and those of the two rams, who will end up quarreling with their own echoes how much toil in vain! Koda, brother bear does not deny the technical and graphic quality that characterizes the Disney staff. It is an animation that enjoys splendid designs and colors (in predominantly warm tones), some scenes are extremely suggestive, such as Kenhai's transformation; the meeting with Koda is well, at this point you must go and see him!

by Helga Corpino

Original title: 
Brother Bear
75 '
Directed by: 
Aaron Blaise, Robert Walker
Official site: 
Chuck Williams - Walt Disney Pictures
Buena Vista
Exit : 
05 March 2004


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