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The enchanted city

The master of animation Hayao Miyazaki returns to the cinema with the masterpiece Academy Award for Best Animated Film (2003) and Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival (2002): THE ENCHANTED CITY. The film will be in theaters only on days 25-26-27 June 2014 distributed by Lucky Red.

Chihiro and HakuThe enchanted city is perhaps the greatest masterpiece of the great master of Japanese animation Hayao Miyazaki, so to speak the director of "Conan, the boy of the future"," Principessa Mononoke","Howl's Moving Castle""Ponyo on the cliff"and many others. The animated film The enchanted city deserves all the awards received as the film is truly stunning both for the quality of the animations, for the fantastic and dreamlike story, and for the moral background aimed at both children and to adults Think that the film "The enchanted city" was made by a staff of 150 designers who composed and hand-drawn 1415 scenes for a total of 144.000 drawings, which were subsequently colored on the computer.
The story begins when little Chihiro, a 10-year-old girl and her parents are moving into a new house on top of a tree-lined and flowery hill. Chihiro immediately proves to be lazy, capricious and spoiled by showing all her discontent to move because of the attachment to her old home. In this we sense the childish desire not to grow up, the fear of change and of becoming big. To go to the house, Chihiro's father takes a wrong road and after a car ride on a thickly tree-lined path, the three arrive in front of a huge red building from which a very long tunnel opens. After having walked it, they find themselves in an uninhabited but sparkling city and they guess that it could probably have been an ancient city of entertainment. HakuHere they find a huge variety of very tasty cooked foods and despite Chihiro's fear and persuasion attempts, his parents eat them, but they are turned into pigs. Chihiro meets Haku, a mysterious boy who warns her and protects her from the inhabitants of that enchanted city, in fact she explains to Chihiro that she and her parents have accidentally ended up in a city of fun and rest for all the spirits of the world. The most disparate and varied spirits of the Japanese tradition will come to this enchanted city: the spirit of radish, water, bad smell, the faceless spirit, etc.YubabaAt the head of this whole organization is the wicked and macrocephalous witch Yubaba, who turned Chihiro's parents into pigs to make them fat and then eat them. The secret to being accepted by Yubaba is to be useful by working. Chihiro therefore will have to, in a short time, shake off all his laziness and indolence, to get to roll up his sleeves towards the most humble and tiring jobs. This in order to be able to pull herself and her parents out of that very dangerous situation. Chihiro and the faceless spiritIn this adventure he will meet strange characters whose friendship and help he will be able to win thanks to his purity and courage. His friend Haku, who often assumes the guise of a dragon (remember the lucky dragon from "The Neverending Story"?) Is actually a sorcerer's apprentice who has stolen a precious object from Yubaba. Chihiro then goes aboard a train that travels on water to find Yububa's twin and to return the object stolen by his friend. A dream movie for all dreamers, full of references to the world of Fellini, Moebius and the symbols of Western culture.

Original title: Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi
Country: US / Japan
Year: 2001
Gender: Entrainment
Duration: 125 '
Directed by: Hayao Miyazaki
Official site: bvent
Production: Toshio Suzuki
Distribution: Mikado
Exit : April 18, 2003 (cinema)


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