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Lego Batman - The Movie

Lego Batman - The movie

The animated Lego Batman film, directed by Chris McKay, produced by Animal Logic and DC Entertainment and released by Warner Bros, is out on February 9, 2017. In Lego Batman, characters learn not to take themselves too seriously. The plot revolves around the events of the famous city of Batman, Gotham. There, good and bad, all in Lego version, will take turns to bring out their personality. The story begins with a new police commissioner, Barbara. She is the daughter of former Commissioner Jim Gordon. Barbara's main goal is to free Gotham from the Joker's evil. The lonely Batman, will do everything to be able, with his own strength, to defeat the villain once and for all. He designs a real trap for the Joker, so that the villain no longer has any chance of escape and finally surrenders to Batman.

Joker - Lego Batman

The trap he thought of, consists in imprisoning Joker in a parallel universe from which it is impossible to escape. This universe is known as the Phantom Zone. This is the same place where Superman imprisoned all the villains he could catch. But the bad guys, as we all know, aren't stupid at all. Joker, a fortiori, represents one of the most cunning, clever and brilliant villains in comics. In fact, he had previously foreseen the moves of the solitary executioner. And so, Batman will have to discover the bitter surprise of having been trapped, himself, by the evil Joker.How will Batman be able to save himself and free Gotham from evil supremacy?

Justice League - Lego Batman

The only way to do this is to rely on the help of friends. Only thanks to teamwork, in fact, the desired results are achieved in the best possible way. The brave protagonist will be able to save his city from the evil and opportunistic Joker, with the help of his friend Robin. It is thanks to the latter that Batman learns a very important life lesson: team play wins. The hero of the film, in fact, despite being rich in virtues - just think of the courage, the verve, the resourcefulness and the unstoppable desire for justice - has a huge flaw. Batman's flaw is his loneliness, his wanting to achieve his goals alone, without anyone's help. Indeed, he can be defined as a solitary executioner, capable of doing justice without asking for help from anyone. Yet, as in the life of each of us, even for Batman the time comes to have to ask for help.

This request is not a sign of weakness or lack of initiative. Rather, it is about humility and the ability to trust others. Thanks to the help of those who are close to us and who care about us, we can achieve goals that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. Batman learns this lesson the hard way. The personal characteristic, of the solitary executioner, of acting autonomously and without asking for help from anyone, puts him in front of the difficulty. In fact, he will find himself unable to face and defeat the evil one unless he asks Robin for help. And he, his lifelong friend, will not waste time in rescuing Batman and succeeding, together, in defeating evil. The protagonist, therefore, realizes that team play always wins. The collaboration between individuals who set the same goals allows the achievement of optimal results.

Robin - Lego Batman

The animated film is thus configured as a chance to spend time in a carefree way but, at the same time, to learn and reflect on our way of being and our relationship with others. With the Lego Batman movie you get the chance to launch a very serious educational message: the importance of collaboration and teamwork even among the little ones, who will certainly flock to Italian theaters with their parents. Like team games and sports, this animated film also becomes a highly useful educational tool and it is hoped that it will reach a large number of spectators, adults and children. Watching the film is a great pleasure as the morality of the message you intend to convey is accompanied by the irony of the Lego bricks. This perfect fusion of an educational tool and a means of entertainment makes Batman a film appreciated by children and critics. It is not correct to define Lego Batman as the spin-off of Lego Movie.

Lego Batman

Unlike the latter, in fact, the amount of information and educational messages transmitted is certainly greater than that of Lego Movie. Ironic and original is also the inclusion of many brands for commercial purposes. Only the most attentive spectators, in fact, will be able to notice Lego characters taken from the DC Comics production, but also from The Lord of the Rings and Warner Bros. Here, then, is the possibility to see, in the same film, characters like Voldemort, King Kong , Sauron, Godzilla, etc. The effect of all of these characters is, on the whole, intriguing and inspiring. However, beyond branding for commercial purposes, Lego Batman ranks among the best Chris MacKay movies. Watching the film, in fact, allows you to draw numerous lessons for educational purposes and, at the same time, to have fun and spend time in total carefree with your children.

Lego Batman

Original title: The Lego Batman Movie
Country: USA
Year: 2017
Gender: Entrainment
Duration: 90 '
Directed by: Chris McKays
Production: Animal Logic, Vertigo Entertainment, Warner Animation Group, Warner Bros.
Distribution: Warner Bros. Pictures Italy
Exit : 09 February 2017 (cinema)


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