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Jungle life: to the rescue! - The film

Jungle life: to the rescue! - The movie (2017)
Original title: Ace of the jungle
Directed by:
David Alaux
Maurice, Junior, Batricia, Gilbert, Miguel, Al and Bob
Production: R gion Midi-Pyr n es, TAT Productions

Country: France
Exit date: 19 October 2017 at the cinema
Gender: 3d animation, adventure, action
Duration: 97 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Maurice has everything about a penguin ... but a tiger is hiding in him! The penguin, raised by a tiger and anything but clumsy, has become a champion of Kung Fu. With his friends, `` The Jungle Squad '', Maurice counts on restoring order and justice in the forest, as his mother did before him. But Igor, a diabolical koala accompanied by his mercenary and not too intelligent baboons, has in mind instead of destroying it ...

Igor the Koala
Igor the Koala

Junior and the tiger
Junior and the tiger

The tiger, the rhinoceros and the sloth
The tiger, the rhino and the sloth

Maurice the Tiger Penguin
Maurice the tiger penguin

Jungle Life movie poster: to the rescue
Jungle Life: Rescue Movie Poster


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