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Mary and the flower of the witch - the film

Mary and the witch's flower Mary and the witch's flower

Original title: Mary to Majo no Hana
Directed by:
Hiromasa Yonebayashi
Characters: Mary, Peter, Madame Mumble, Doctor Dee, Red Headed Witch, Flanagan, Zebedy, Banks, Charlotte
Production: Ponoc study

Country: Japan
Exit date: 14 June 2018 at the cinema
Gender: Anime, fantasy
Duration: 102 minutes
Recommended age: Girls aged 6 to 12

History, characters and images of the Japanese animated film Mary and the witch's flower by director Hiromasa Yonebayashi from 14 to 20 June 2018 at the cinema

The film is based on the children's book The Little Broomstick of the writer Mary Stewart published in 1971 and tells of the young Mary, a young girl who discovers a flower that gives magical powers to those who own it, but only for one night.

Mary and the witch's flower screened in Japanese cinemas in July 2017, earning $ 13,9 million in the first three weeks alone. This record put him in the top ten positions of Japanese films with the highest grossing in 2017.

The story of Mary and the witch flower

Mary and the Witch's Flower, Hiromasa Yonebayashi's film, tells the story of a unique blue flower, which blooms once every seven years among the trees of an enchanted forest. And of little Mary Smith, who spends her holidays in the countryside, near that magical forest, exactly in the period of the miraculous flowering.

In order to escape yet another sleepy afternoon in the company of old great-aunt Charlotte, the reckless Mary chases a stray kitten in the thick of a threatening forest. He immediately lost track of the fugitive, the girl's attention is captured by a beautiful blue flower that shines among the weeds. The flower gives Mary incredible magical powers: for a while she flies astride a wild broomstick, before the spiteful wood throws her at the door of an important school of magic. The institute called Endors College, directed by the exuberant Madama Mumblechook and the brilliant Doctor Dee, does not convince the astute Mary, who in order to survive in the unknown universe inhabited by magicians and fantastic creatures, decides to steal a very special book.

The bored little girl looking for friends is thus sucked into an extraordinary adventure, which she will have to face with audacity and determination to unravel the mystery of the flower and defeat the terrible rival witch.

Mary and the witch's flower Mary and the witch flower

Mary and the witch's flowerMary and the witch flower

Mary and the witch's flower

Video trailer of Mary and the witch flower


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