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Masha and the Bear - Friends forever

Masha and the Bear: great success also in cinema.

Thanks to the collaboration between Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia, Animaccord and Ink Global, the great success of TV animation Masha and the Bear made its debut at Christmas in Italian cinemas and has already exceeded 3 million box offices in the second weekend of programming, surpassing the extraordinary success of Peppa Pig and beating all box-office records among the cinema events scheduled in Italy.

The eight episodes of the new series never seen on TV in Italy, together with the other special contents, make young and old interact for a unique experience at the cinema.

The series has become a hit with families around the world due to its dual ability to be entertaining and to educate. The relationship between Masha and the Bear is a metaphor of how a child can interact with the world of adults and makes the little ones understand what true friendship, affection and the freedom to be creative in a fun and intelligent way is. For these reasons Masha and the Bear have now become the new darlings of the very young audience, mothers and fathers.

Produced by Russian studio Animaccord, the Masha and the Bear series was nominated for Best Animation in the Creative Talent category at the 2015 Kidscreen Award.

Until January 10th MASHA AND THE BEAR await you at the CINEMA!

Freely inspired by the characters of the Russian tradition, Masha and the Bear tells the adventures of the lively, intelligent, stubborn girl with inexhaustible energy. Masha lives on the edge of the forest and through a path, she goes to visit her friend, Bear. Bear lives in his house inside a tree where, when Masha is not around, he leads a quiet and comfortable life. Bear loves honey, can read and write and is skilled in sleight of hand. Masha is curious and enthusiastic about every discovery and novelty and with her resourcefulness she often ends up getting into trouble. Bear endures his whims and always remedies his pranks. Masha adores Bear and he reciprocates her with great affection, although sometimes he tries to keep her away or busy for a moment of tranquility, he always shows himself patient and protective and when she is not around, he misses her.

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Original title Masha i Medved
Country: Russia
Year: 2009
Gender3D animation, Comedy
Duration: 54 '
RegiaOleg Kuzovkov
Production Animacord
Distribution:  Warner Bros. Pictures Italy
Exit date: 23 December 2015


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