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Masha and the Bear - New friends

After the TV success and the film Masha and the Bear friends forever, even for these Christmas holidays Masha and the Bear they will keep the little spectators company with 6 brand new episodes not yet broadcast on TV. Thanks to her incredible vitality Masha will be able to involve Bear in comic and dangerous situations at the same time. Bear is always very patient and tolerant, despite his calmness is always tested, but being a very creative character and always full of a thousand resources, he always manages to get both Masha and himself out of trouble. Together with the two main characters there will be the rabbit stealing carrots, the two nursing wolves, the dancing pig, the squirrel, the hedgehog, Bear and many other funny characters to which new ones will also be added. In these 6 cinematic episodes we will see Bear who still dreams of winning the heart of his beloved Bear, Masha will face a driving school lesson, have fun with a ghost story and give life to her daydreams.

The characteristic of these episodes is to interact at the end of each episode with the famous presenters of Rai Yoyo Carolina Benvenga and Gipo (Oreste Castagna) who, between one episode and another, will ask the children in the room to help them solve riddles for get out of the enchanted forest of Masha and the Bear, as they have lost their way back.

Masha is a child very attached to her friend the Bear, who is the metaphor of her parent who is always ready to support her both in case of need and to satisfy her wishes, even if there is no lack of reproaches from the latter. However, only Masha can speak, while Bear and the other animals express themselves only with gestures, but thanks to their mimicry, they make themselves understood very well.

Original title: Masha i Medved
Country: Russia
Year: 2016
Gender: 3D Animation, Comedy
Duration: 54 '
Regia: Oleg Kuzovkov
Production: Animaccord
Distribution:  Warner Bros. Pictures Italy
Exit date: 01 January 2017

Pictures from the movie Masha and the Bear new friends

Video trailer of the movie Masha and the Bear new friends


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