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Momo to conquer time

The animated film Momo, conquering time is based on the book Momo by Ende Michael. The story tells of Momo, a curious and sweet girl who lives in a country where its inhabitants live in harmony with each other; the barber, the street sweeper and many other characters live peacefully with their daily work rhythms. One day Momo meets some strange Gray Men, who smoke a cigar, near the ruins of an amphitheater who show him some super-equipped and amazing toys, but also very disturbing like a doll that talks and that always requires new accessories. Thanks to its simplicity and transparency, Momo has the ability to make sincere every person who stops to talk to her, and this is how she manages to unmask the Gray Man she met and who actually turns out to have been imprisoned by the sect of the diabolicals Gray Men. These strange dark characters, all strictly dressed in gray who smoke perpetually, are meant to steal time from men. With mathematical calculations that promise extraordinary gains to the town's artisans if only they had dedicated all the hours of their life to work, they manage to steal their time, therefore their life. Momo understands that his country is in danger and the strange behavior of the country barber who doesn't stop working for a moment is a clear example of this. She decides to turn to Cassiopeia, a small magical turtle, who will lead her to Mastro Hora, the one who administers Time, the only person able to give back to men all the moments of their life that have been stolen by men. Master Hora turns life on and off and it is he who provides Momo with the key to fight the Gray Men. When Momo returns to fight the Gray Men, however, he realizes that there is no one left to talk and play with and fears that he has lost his friends forever. The world has changed.

Original title: Momo. Conquering time
Country: Italy
Year: 2001
Gender: Entrainment
Duration: 75 '
Directed by: Enzo D'Alò
Official site: 
Production: Cecchi Gori Home Video, 2002
Distribution: UIP
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