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Monster family - the movie

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Original title: Monster Family
Directed by:
Holger Tappe
Emma, ​​Dracula, Frank, Fay, Cheyenne, Baba Yaga, Max, Renfield, Model, Sheila
Production: Ambient Entertainment GmbH, United Entertainment, Mack Media, Agir, Timeless Films

Country: Germany
Exit date: 19 October 2017 at the cinema
Gender: 3d animation, comedy, horror
Duration: 96 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Monster Family is the film adaptation of the hit novel "Happy Family" written by Emmy® Award winner David Safier (Lolle). The book has been translated into 18 languages ​​and distributed in more than 40 countries. Also in Italy, Edizioni Piemme will publish the children's book inspired by the film and distributed in the Il Battello a Vapore series, with the title "Monster Family", from 10 October in all bookstores.

Wishbones are not a happy family. The mother, Emma, ​​is the owner of a bookstore on the verge of bankruptcy; Dad, Frank, is overwhelmed and worn out by his job and his tyrannical boss, his daughter Fay is going through the embarrassing years of adolescence and bad grades at school, and his son Max is so smart that he is continually bullied. It is obvious that they fight all the time! And as if all this were not enough, after being dragged by Emma to a masquerade party, where they turn out to be the only ones to be masked, the wicked witch Baba Yaga casts a spell on the Wishbones. Suddenly their costumes become reality: Emma turns into a vampire, Frank in Frankenstein's monster, Fay in a mummy and Max in a little werewolf. Despite the trauma, the family must now be united to find the witch and undo the spell. The monster family and their trusted friend Cheyenne chase the witch to the end of the world, discovering that not all of their new features are bad. Emma invincible and immortal, Frank Stronger than any superhero, Fay manages to hypnotize anyone and the fearful Max Now what scares the bullies. The Wishbones will face this turbulent family adventure, facing difficult situations and real and dangerous monsters, including Count Dracula himself who will declare his eternal love to Emma. After all, no one has ever said that it is easy to make one's family happy.

Emma monster

Baba Yaga




Human family

Monsters family

Frank human

Emma and Dracula

Emma's book store


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