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Mune the guardian of the moon

What would happen if the sun did not shine again every morning? Or what if the Moon forgets to circle around and light up the stars and the night sky? From the creators of Kung Fu Panda comes the magical tale of Mune, the keeper of the Moon, who will fight to protect the world from the evil forces that have obscured the Sun and the Moon. His love for the Moon and for the woman of his dreams will make him the greatest hero in the Universe! An extraordinary story for the whole family.


MUNE a cute little faun who takes care of lighting the forest at night. He just doesn't take his responsibilities very seriously and prefers to explore the woods and play with his animal friends. His lesson as the new Guardian of the Moon is pure accident. In an attempt to address this new responsibility, he discovers an incredible power that he never realized he possessed.
SHOONE the exact opposite of Mune. Arrogant, impetuous, impulsive and domineering, this amber colossus seems indestructible. He likes to be surrounded by all his admirers. His whole life was a long apprenticeship to become the new Guardian of the Sun.
GLIM, lively and radiant, she dreams of living great adventures, but she is made of wax: it melts in the heat of the sun. As a result, she locked herself inside the hut, spending her days studying astrology, physics and the legends of the planet. The theft of the sun gives Glim the chance to experience an adventure!
SOON A short, stocky little devil considered by all to be a complete idiot.
SPLEEN he complains constantly and is always sad, his dream is to be a goblin but he was born a demon! Too bad for him.
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Original title:  Mune, the gardien de la lune
Country: France
Year: 2015
Gender: 3D animation
Duration: 86 '
Directed by: Alexandre Heboyan, Benoi Philippon
Production: Onyx Films, Mikros Image, Kinology, Orange Studio
Distribution:  Notorious
Exit :  5 February 2015 (cinema)

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