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Your Name - Review of the film

Mitsha starred in the film Your Name
Mitshua star of the film


The next January 23 2017 will be released in Italian cinemas'Your Name', Japanese animated film (Kimi no Na wa, original title). It is the latest product created by Makoto Shinkai, one of the most promising directors of recent years in Japan, able to wisely blend the art of Hayao Miyazaki e Yasujiro ozu, proposing splendid designs and a deep melancholy, sinking its roots in the same theme, addressed in a different way. It is about the deep distance that can be generated between two human beings. We live in deeply social, technologically advanced societies, which should favor dialogue but, in Shinkai's vision, the result is decidedly the opposite.

This concept has been reiterated by the director since the dawn of his career, with the first work Voices of a Distant Star, of only 22 minutes, which highlighted the fear of the technological silence of today's society which, between chats and thousands of possibilities to communicate, only highlights our infinite loneliness. No deep interactions, just marginal. In the short, the heartbreaking love story between two young people, committed to high school and yet involved in an intergalactic conflict, was told. He stays on Earth while she flies into space against the aliens. This is how Shinkai's career exploded, anticipating what would later become real obsessions, building his poetics. In his 14-year career, the director has made six animated films, all based on the deep pain generated in the soul by the forced separation from someone very dear. The protagonists are always boys, perhaps because in a certain age group the feelings know how to be stronger, more rooted and pure. So also in Your Name we see mitsuha, young student who looks at life like a dream.

Taki star of the movie Your Name
Taki star of the film

The story opens with an analysis of the boring and repetitive life of Mitsuha, who can no longer resist in the village where she was born and raised. He would like to go elsewhere and be someone else, maybe a handsome boy of his age, with a home in Tokyo. Precisely in this city we discover the existence of Taki, a cute and somewhat clumsy young man. The opportunity to fulfill Mitsuha's wish comes by pure chance, with the passage of a comet, so close to the Earth's orbit as to be visible to the naked eye. Somehow the two swap their bodies, which leads to two different kinds of somewhat embarrassing analyzes. However, all this happens for a short period of time. The two go back to being themselves, only to have the same experience later, without any kind of control. It doesn't take long before they understand what's happening to them, and so they decide to leave messages for each other, writing them on each other's arms. They become so intimate, coming to make comments on their respective love lives. Their lives are decidedly different, with Mitsuha living with her younger sister and grandmother inside a shrine, as the elderly woman is the priestess. Taki instead leads a normal city life, between school, some friends and the part-time job as a waiter for his independence. From arms to smartphones, from the fun of discovering the body of another sex to situations of embarrassment. Like when Taki gets a date with the girl he likes, only thanks to the fact that Mitsuha was in her body. Time passes and a new comet is about to approach orbit. The films thus change their appearance, leaving all the joy and lightheartedness to the first part. The supernatural begins to take more possession of the plot, hand in hand with the melancholy.

Taki and Mitsha
Taki and Mitsha

A film that has achieved positive feedback everywhere, coming to be the first anime included in the official competition of the London festival. Not that Japan has not produced masterpieces in the past but, in a society more attentive to this kind of products, Shinkai's talent could not go unnoticed.

Your Name is without a doubt a clear step forward in the film production of its author, author among other things of the novel on which the plot is based. In fact, in his previous works he was guilty lacking a dose of lightheartedness, which allowed this title to reach everyone, not just a small circle of lovers of the genre. A texture balance that allows for mass spread. A right compromise that the director was able to reach only with maturity, without betraying himself and his ideas.

Taki on the subway
Taki on the subway

The film is divided into three thematic chapters, starting precisely with more jovial and pop atmospheres, which are well defined by the soundtrack. When this suddenly changes, you find yourself suddenly and without warning in a science fiction plot, and then change again, until you reach the nickname of a disaster movie. The music intertwines, the characters of the characters change according to the experiences and tradition manages to find a right and intriguing mix with modernity. Many things happen but the two protagonists never lose sight of. The inner conflict regarding the impossibility of accepting one's daily life is certainly the main one, but not the only one. They range from the cultural clash to the purely geographical one. The sentimental turning point will come just when Taki will no longer be able to wake up in the body of his hers. Thus he will leave in a mad search for a small town he knows only through his drawings. He is in love with her and it could not be otherwise. But she is also part of him, on a very deep level.

Mitsha's awakening
Awakening of Mitsha

Talking about love is perhaps the hardest thing to do in the cinema, since at every step you risk falling into the banal, offering a repetitive product, which nothing adds to the previous millions of other colleagues. In this case, however, the careful study of cultures adds more, mixes intriguing characteristics, offering the story between the two as a well-known place where the viewer can go to take refuge, without being reassured, given the surrounding drama. An empathic title, for everyone but which, for true fans, will be a immediate classic, to keep and review.
Date: 11/01/2017

The images of the film Your Name

Original title: Kimi no Nawa
Country: Japan
Year: 2016
Gender: Animation - Anime
Duration: 106 '
Directed by: Makoto Shinkai
Production: CoMix Wave Inc.
Distribution: Nexo Digital and Dynit
Exit : 23-24-25 January 2017 (cinema)

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