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Nut Job 2 - All very fun

Spocchia and Andie - Nut Job 2 - All very fun

Original title: The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature
Directed by:
Cal Brunker
Characters: Spocchia, Andie, Sottiletta, Frankie, Mr. Feng, Mayor Muldoon, Heather, Gunther, Marm, Talpa, Johnny, Jamie
Production: ToonBox Entertainment, Redrover Co. Ltd., Gulfstream Pictures, Shanghai Hoongman Technology Co.

Country: Canada, South Korea, USA
Exit date: November 23, 2017 at the cinema
Gender: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Duration: 91 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The group of rodents led by Arrogance and from the silent mouse Buddy he is threatened by the mayor's plan to turn their park into an amusement park. The two will lead the revolt of the animals to the rhythm of "let's go to command"and Spocchia will also find love with the squirrel Andie.

Nut Job Is All A Lot Of Fun starts with the squirrel Arrogance (in the voice of Will Arnett), his friend Carlino sottiletta (Maya Rudolph) and her best friend Buddy, the rat who lives in the recently closed peanut shop. Food is plentiful and life is quiet ... until the peanut shop explodes due to a freak accident! After the search for food in the city went wrong, Spocchia returns to Liberty Park. Andie (who has the voice of Katherine Heigl) is happy that all the animals live together in the park, as it should be in nature.

Unfortunately for Spocchia, Andie and the other animals, Mayor Muldoon (Bobby Moynihan), Oakton's most corrupt politician, has other plans for Liberty Park. As he looks at it from the top of his penthouse, he can only see that the beautiful park is generating no profit. During a press conference, the mayor announces that Liberty Park will be torn down and replaced with Libertyland. Who would want any normal park when you can have an amusement park? Mayor's spoiled daughter Heather (Isabela Moner) stands there with images of fluffy candy dancing around her. Her French Bulldog Frankie (Bobby Cannavale) is in town with her.

As the mayor's bulldozers enter, Spocchia takes the animals to fight. He rushes into battle unscrupulously, lashing out at the workers and their giant machines. Working together, the animals manage to beat the workers and stop them, at least temporarily. But as they celebrate their victory, the mayor has other plans. A group of aggressive exterminators, led by the evil Gunther (Peter Stormare), invade the park and start destroying everything. The animals have the worst and are forced to retreat quickly. Even worse, Sottiletta is kidnapped by Heather. Spocchia and Buddy embark on a daring adventure through the city to save Sottiletta. On their way, they come face to face with the dangerous Mr. Feng (Jackie Chan) a city rat with deadly kung-fu skills. As the opening night of the amusement park approaches, the animals must join forces to save Sottiletta, stop the mayor, and save Liberty Park once and for all!

Images of the animated film Nut Job 2Buddy and Spocchia - Nut Job 2 - All very fun

The squirrel Andie - Nut Job 2 - All very fun

Nut Job 2 - All very fun

Nut Job 2 - All very fun

Nut Job 2 - All very fun


All names, images and trademarks are copyright ToonBox Entertainment, Redrover Co. Ltd., Gulfstream Pictures, Shanghai Hoongman Technology Co and its rights holders are used here only for information and information purposes.

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