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Oceania - The story of the film

Vaiana of the movie Oceania

Moana Certainly one of the most anticipated animated films for the Christmas holidays of 2016. Made in CGI computer graphics by Walt Disney Animation Studios and directed by Ron Clements and John Musker is the 56th Classic Disney animated film.

The story of Moana Focused above all on the figure of the protagonist Moana. In the background, the scenery of a continent made up of thousands of islands and archipelagos, explored by navigators for several millennia and then almost forgotten. Vaiana is a teen ager who has a great desire to live, a bit like all girls of her age. After discovering that the Maori tribe was actually made up of a long series of sailors admired all over the world, the young woman intends to retrace the footsteps of her ancestors, somehow also rediscovering her true origins. . Although her father wanted a fairly normal and peaceful life for her, Vaiana thus chooses to follow the directions of a very creative and dreamy grandmother, capable of waking up her thirst for knowledge. For Vaiana thus begins a mission around the Pacific Ocean in the company of her trusty cockerel HeiHei. Continuing on his long journey, he also encounters the narcissus demigod Maui. His extraordinary journey continues with truly breathtaking adventures. The only real goal of the young woman is to revive the fortunes of her original territory and ensure that it returns to the period of its maximum splendor. He will have to face numerous very complicated tests, such as huge demons and difficult obstacles to overcome. Vaiana has grit to sell and does not give up in the face of any vicissitudes, managing to rediscover herself above all.

Vaiana of the movie Oceania

Moana is the typical representation of the modern day heroine who has little to do with the dear and old princesses so loved by Walt Disney, who had the dream of great love. Vaiana does not refer to any prince or boy of dreams to be able to emancipate herself, but relies only on herself and on her intelligence and courage, to redeem the dignity of her people, rediscovering their ancient customs and traditions. At the age of sixteen, the girl developed an extraordinary desire to know the world around her and to broaden her horizons. He hopes that his fellow citizens of the Polynesia may have the same desire, trying to understand what lies beyond the coral reef in which she was born and raised.

Maui the demigod of the movie Oceania

With her there is the co-star Maui, a demigod whose body is covered with animated tattoos and whose abilities are truly out of the ordinary, like that of knowing how to transform into a hawk. This particular being manages to assist Vaiana in all her exploits and enhances the film with her sympathy.

The HeiHei cock of the movie Oceania
The HaiHei rooster

All to be explored is also the figure of cockerel Heihei, another highly ironic character who sneaks into the mission as a clandestine and in turn explores the Pacific Ocean with great wisdom.

Also present the Chief Tui Waialiki, who is the father of Vaiana and would like to protect her from every pitfall in the world, wanting for her an existence of absolute peace. The latter is supported in his purposes by his wife Sina.

Grandma Tala from the movie Oceania
Grandmother Tala

The speech concerning the girl's grandmother is very different, that is Grandmother Tala, also very passionate about life as a sailor.

The role of the antagonist was instead attributed to Te K , a creature submerged by lava that has no mercy towards the world around it and has the sole purpose of destroying Moana and all the others. Another bad character is surely the sadist Grandfather, enemy of Maui and characterized by a kind of striking black humor. Finally, the presence of the little warriors should be noted Kakamora, covered with coconuts and without the gift of speech, as they communicate by hitting other coconuts.

Vaiana and the Pua piglet
Vaiana and the pig Pua

Overall, the scenario of Moana It is really funny and helps to make his story even more intriguing for young and old. An adventure to be experienced together with the whole family, which is not limited to entertaining but also born with the intention of serving as a perfect teaching for those who observe it. As already mentioned above, Moana the typical female protagonist of the last few years, able to continue in the vein of Disney undertaken with Rapunzel and carried on with Elsa from Frozen XNUMX Anna, authentic matrixes of film Frozen. The girl has nothing to do with a princess and does not wait to be saved by any man, but rather prefers to do it with her strength and with her iron character. In addition to the film title focusing on the ice princess, Moana has some similarities with Hercules thanks to close dialogues and the conspicuous use of the expedient of drawings. The film received excellent feedback from critics, although some, perhaps in an exaggerated way, have placed the accent on the figure of Maui and on his obesity typical of Polynesian warriors.

Finally, a curiosity linked to the controversy over the Italian name Moana, which has taken the place of the original Moana. In fact, it seems that the Italian censors wanted to omit the name Moana, to avoid any kind of reference with the actress Moana Pozzi, since after the release of the film it could be one of the most sought after names by children on the web.

The demi-god Maui arrogant and vain
Maui the vain and arrogant demigod

Maui and his magical spear
Maui and his magic harpoon

Vaiana pulls her ears to Maui
Vaiana pulls ears to Maui

Vaiana aboard the catamaran
Vaiana challenges the ocean aboard her catamaran

The poster for the Oceania poster
Original title: Moana
Country: USA
Year: 2016
Gender: 3D animation
Duration: 103 '
Directed by: Ron Clements and John Musker
Production: Walt Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures
Distribution: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy
Exit : 22 December 2016 (cinema)

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