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A runaway zooOn April 13, the new Disney animated film is coming, again made entirely in 3D computer graphics. A Zoo on the run, as a story and characters would seem the same as the film Madagascar of Dreamwork which has achieved an incredible success with audiences and home video, however, despite appearances there are substantial differences. While Madagascar is more about humorous and zany gags with constant cinematic quotes, A Zoo on the Run, as per Disney tradition is the classic family film, with good feelings. A runaway zooIn fact it is a story that in some ways recalls Finding Nemo, as the underlying theme (the search for the lost son) is very similar. The story is set in a New York zoo where we find exotic animals, which have now lost all their wild instincts. One day a lion cub, to exercise its roar, hides in a container for the transport of animals and is mistakenly sent aboard a ship bound for the African continent. His father, the lion Samson, is gripped by despair over the loss of his son and tries the impossible to get him back. Together with some of his friends from the zoo, a giraffe, an anaconda, a koala and a squirrel, they manage to cross the gates and face the Atlantic Ocean, before landing on the African coasts and facing the immense jungle. A runaway zooHere they will find a group of herbivores, which in the absence of the very few specimens of lions, no longer having antagonists, have become carnivores and paradoxically represent a serious danger for the unfortunate animals of the zoo, born and raised in captivity. Will Samson the lion be able to find his lion cub despite the many difficulties? A zoo on the run is an enjoyable film above all for the spectacularity of the images, much more realistic than the stylizations of Madagascar and for the fun action scenes that will delight the children in the room.


Original title: The Wild
Country: USA
Year: 2006
Gender: 3D animation
Duration: 94 '
Directed by: Steve 'Spaz' Williams
Official site:
Production: CORE Feature Animation, Complete Pandemonium
Distribution: Buena Vista
Exit : April 13, 2006 (cinema)


All names, images and trademarks are copyright Disney, CORE Feature Animation, Complete Pandemonium, Buena Vista and those entitled and are used here only for cognitive and popular purposes.

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